Bangalore. My Home Town. Familiar Territory. The only place in the whole entire world/galaxy/Universe where my Heart belongs.

The Happiness I feel when my flight lands and I set foot on this ground cannot be explained by words, one good reason to this happiness is my close knit family. The excitement that I’m going to see my Mom, Dad and Sis, Niece after a year adds the chirp to it. My heart literally jumps with joy.

We were in Bengaluru for three weeks and 2 days.

The fact that I’ve lived outside this city for close to 10 years now , has had its apparent toll on me. Living out of India has left a scar. My life is missing the most simple life’s pleasures that bring me immense joy – of buying jasmine flowers, adorning the altar and my hair. Drinking a tender coconut on the road side to quench my thirst and enjoying the gangi inside it , after. Having a dahi sev puri and relishing it with all your heart . Getting two bags full of vegetables for 2 pounds – The big fresh bunches of coriander, mint and curry leaves at throw away prices – brings a wide smile on my face. I enjoy speaking every word of my favorite Kannada to street vendors and auto drivers.

Every time I visited Namma Bengaluru, I couldn’t help but notice the Pollution, Inflation, Population increase and Traffic that beacons the roads. This time around I noticed a few good things too.

  1. OLA – I went on a reunion to meet my college mates after a good 13 years. It was such a blast. Met at Koramangala, just next to the Forum Mall. Enjoyed every bit of it  – didn’t realize that time flew by and it was already 10.30 pm and I was to get back to the other end of Bangalore. And then , I Experienced the magic of OLA App, my friend picked up her phone and with a few clicks – there was my OLA cab ready to pick me up and drop me off safe. The drivers number flashed on her phone instantly and she could call him to give our exact location. The entire journey was being tracked and registered and it served such a boon to women commuting. To my Surprise , they were OLA auto’s as well. Wow !!! Hats off ! olacab
  2. Plastic Bags Ban : Pleasant surprise, for me  I didn’t know when this happened. Was in Awww that vegetable vendors and grocery shops gave away Paper, Tissue and Cloth bags instead of Plastic ones. How good is that ?large_bags-no-baskets-yes
  3. Peace Auto’s : Having an Argument with the Auto fellas ? Fed up of it ? Annoyed when the Auto Driver merely shakes his head for a NO and drives past like he just does’nt care, when he hears of your destination. Angry when the Auto Driver does’nt switch on his Meter and demands extra cash ! Coming to your rescue in Bangalore City….  ! peace-auto-2.jpg

          These are Auto’s that have boards announcing that they uphold Peace and ensure that your Auto journey is going to be peaceful. The Consider that the World is one Family and that the passenger is GOD !!! With all due respects to the Auto Drivers who battle through Traffic and still have signed up being a Peace Auto Driver ! Hats off to you guys !

It broke my heart to leave behind my beloved family and My City and get back to Edinburgh !

My Heart will forever belong to you Bangalore !!! I love You !

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“Life’s like that, Mummy “:)

Well, Its been along time since I blogged. My absence from this space only means that life’s being busy and in full swing. We’d been on a 8 days Euro trip covering 5 different countries in the first week of April and got back home tired. We’d been on a road trip to Birmingham last weekend and got back home exhausted. My health is not in par with J’s and M’s energy levels and I’m currently down with Flu because of the stress and strain.

With having been on a sick leave on Friday, I decided to visit M’s school and have a word with his class teacher – as I don’t get the opportunity to meet his class teacher, otherwise. I pick him up from the after school club, where I meet the after school staff and not the class teacher. So, I requested the office to check if I could meet his teacher that day.

The office staff bluntly refused and said it may not be possible as it was a half a day. Heart broken, on our way home – I explained to M that I was a bit disappointed as I could not meet his class teacher today and how the office staff refused to let me –

So M, looks up at me and says “Life’s like that , Mummy ” You can’t have everything you want” Sometimes it’s like that ”

I was all smiles and my proud mummy face lit up, instantly !


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M’s intelligent question

M saw a guy on TV with curly hair…I mean really curly ! M and I noticed the guy’s hair and I casually asked M – if the guys hair looked more like noodles..we had a little laugh over it. Probably this noodle like hair style was still running in M’s mind.

At bed time, M asked me as to why his hair was not curly as the guy we saw on TV that evening. I grabbed the opportunity to explain to M the concept of genetics –  I told M that the kids generally would resemble the mom and dad, since J or I did not have curly hair, the probability of he having curly hair is very weak. His straight hair resembled – J’s and my hair.

M seemed a bit confused and asked me , a million dollar question ! Mummy, he asked – If I grew in your tummy, then how can I look like daddy ? ohh well…I did not have an answer to this…But from a child’s point of view – Yes ? If he grows in my tummy, then how can he look like the other parent ? Lol🙂

I just – told M – it’s because J and I were married and hence M looks like both of us. So, again he asked  – If you get married, does your bodies get married as well ? I replied back saying, something like that and escaped for the conversation, for now.

It a lesson for me to be prepared about the birds and bees question, soon🙂

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So,Whats up at the SJ household ?

  1. With a bout of ill health and recovery, SJ’s household is now back to normal.
  2. SJ does feel a little bad about cutting through the bloggathon half way, but the circumstances were such that she was helpless.
  3. M has started swimming classes at school and enjoys every bit of it.
  4. M had his parent , teacher meeting couple of weeks ago. The teacher was in full praises of M – his general knowledge, his communication, his creativity etc etc…But, just as expected being Mine and J’s child – of course, he has to be talkative isn’t it ??? The teacher mentioned that he is too talkative…and she has to request him to please stop talking or explaining something..which he over does..he he he..had fun listening to the teachers comments…But on a serious note – I wonder if his creativity would even be recognised if he was in one of the schools in India…His creativity would be crushed like a flower and he would be writing pages and pages of homework until his hands pain and he starts hating writing , altogether !
  5. J has changed his car and behaves like a little boy with a new toy…So much that last night, he got back from work, watched a few videos about the car and went off downstairs to spend time with his new toy. There were no signs of him until 10.45 PM, SJ had to call him on his phone and remind him that it’s 10.45 and he has to have his dinner and get to bed , so he can get to work the next day…Ooph..Guys I tell ya !
  6. Watched Rajini Murugan, Kathakali, Thanga magan and other new movies…Watched Some old Visu movies over the weekend Penman aval kanmani…Prefer watching the old movies over the silly new ones that have a weak story line.
  7. Watched an old Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini kannada movie called Bandana – The best movie that I have watched in a few years now, this 80’s movie is a classic. A story about two doctors, a love triangle, A women’s life and her work-life balance , and sacrifice. The ending was unacceptable – I wonder how people could actually transfer life from one body to another, if this option was practical…won’t everyone be doing it. Over all enjoyed the movie.
  8. M’s half term leave starts next week, he has been signed up in the child care for a week..He enjoys it. He play eats and spends time with other kids, making friends. Sometimes I do feel bad to wake him up even during his term leave and pack him off to child care, but to think of it in another angle – he does enjoy it rather than feeling bored at home.
  9. SJ is on a mission to do something about her weight gain, first step towards it will be yoga classes from sunday for an hour🙂
  10. Well ! Thats all from now…will get back to the blog soon !
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Breaking the Blogathon :(

I do not know, if it was the celebration of the continuous 15 days post on the 15th day was just too much for the GOD’s to take that they let me slip away from my commitment of posting everyday without fail…

It so happened on the 16th day, I felt unwell – and went for a nap in the evening, woke up , tucked M in bed and cooked for the next day…Since J and I slept in the evening , we didn’t feel sleepy past 11 Pm. So I decided at 11.30 to sit on the computer and type my blog – before which i was so much drawn into reading all my fav blogger’s posts and comment on them, being engrossed i did not realise the time was 11.45 pm, i hurriedly started typing my post and in exactly 6 minutes the power goes off ! not on the computer , but the entire household ! when i look out of the window, i realise its not just our house, the entire apartment building !

For the first time i experienced a power cut here in the UK ! With a -1 degree temperature outside, we were freezing inside. we quickly tucked inside the blanket – forgetting bat my blog, well the internet modem wasn’t alive too… I was thinking of the clothes in the washing machine that were wet and needed the dryer, thinking of the stash food in the freezer for the next week, by morning magically power was up n running !

Next day same story, evening no power ! M says ” power cuts happen only in India – how come here ?” Well, story of our lives !

Now, i’ve missed 3 days of blogging !

Valid reasons…or excuses…but i hereby announce the completion of 1/2 a bloggathon and it is due to reasons only known deep in my heart…I promise to write again soon.

Good luck to all my fellow bloggathonners !

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1/2 way through the Blog Marathon :)

When I posted last night, I was happy that I have stuck to my Blogathon commitment for 15 days ! Hurray to that !

Every night when I type the blog, its almost close to bed time and me being tired after a long day at work, It’s been my secret scare, that I’m going to forget and miss the deadline of posting a blog before 12.00.

Most times J is on the computer, doing his office work. I very softly beg him for access to the computer and tell him, it’s just for 10 mins and I hurriedly blog and publish, sometimes I have done so without even proof reading.

When I’ve a moment at work – my mind starts churning mental posts or starts thinking of a topic to post! It’s fun and exciting. I wouldn’t say, I have been ready with posts for everyday. Sometimes I just let my fingers do the work more than my brain.

It’s the comments that I receive on the blog , that serve an inspiration to go on. Thanks for all your comments my dearest blog friends ! You have kept me going !

PS : Today was the first day that the temperature has gone down to -2 degrees and is expected to hit -4 degrees by midnight. There has been about 1 inch of frost and light snow. This the first time we are seeing snow in Edinburgh. The freezing temperatures outside means, being indoors.

Well, didn’t come up with a topic for today – so I decided to do this cheat post🙂

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The day after Christmas, instead of idling the Christmas holidays, we packed our bags and packed some christmas food remains and escaped off to Aviemore /Cairngorm. As we were getting close to reaching the destination, we were in awe of the sights we saw ! My belief in GOD truly strengthened. GOD has painted Nature so beautifully. Every sight was a Picture Postcard perfect sight !

I was so much in love with what I saw, that I mentioned to J – That, after I die, I shall come as a ghost and settle in the mountains of Aviemore/Cairngorm and live my ghost life in solitude. J being J – asked me, what about our mountains of Nilgiris, Ooty and Kodaikanal ? Ohh..So as a ghost, your standard has been raised – Haan🙂 ?

Here are a few pictures :


Enjoying the view and taking in the spirit of Nature !


From atop Cairngorm Mountains !


GOD’s painting !


A Stream flowing through the Mountains


Reindeers in their Natural Habitat !


Cairngorm Mountain Train ! 

We saw a lot of animals at the Highland Wild life Park – That’s for another post !

Happy Weekend , Everyone !


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