M is 10 years old and I’m beating myself for not doing his 10th Birthday post.

In the meantime, he has grown almost as tall as me, well he’s nearly there…and that reminds me of an incident that my friend/neighbour  ‘S’ from the street behind ours once told me – it’s been 1 year since we moved to this new house and people around here have always seen a ‘grown up’ boy M. ‘S’ looking at M’s height always presumed that he was a BIG boy and a STRONG boy ! Once M was cycling around her home with all of the neighbourhood kids and had a fall from his bike. He was hurt and the first thing he did was CRY out loud like a little baby ! His act of crying out loud, shattered ‘S”S image of M at that point of time… she melted her opinion about him and ran to give him a hug and console him before informing me. She told me that her impression of M completely changed, that very second.

To wrap it up – that’s M for you !!! Looks all grown up and big boyish but still a little toddler at heart ❤️!

M has been in the recent past saying things and doing things that has blown me over. I’m afraid in my fragile memory, I will forget these precious sayings and doings of his and decided to pen them(M’ism) and then remembered my blog baby and came running here to record them !

Even if I don’t have the time to write long posts … I’m going to peak in here and write a short M’ism and run away …that way I can preserve his M’isms as stories for my grand kids about him.

Completing this post with a sample M’ism:

After a Good Dinner at a Restaurant:

Me: ( after licking the bowls clean) : Well, I did JUSTICE to the food 🥘

M : ohh Common , Mummy – In what way did you do justice to that chicken 🍗! It didn’t ask to be eaten ! You did it more injustice than justice !

Me : I literally Rolled on the Floor and Laughed out Loud !

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