When one eye hurts, the other cries !

M hurt his elbow, the other day while playing on the street with the neighbourhood kids. Now, that the Edinburgh weather is being generous with 18-20 degrees, it gives kids a chance to take their eyes off of gadgets.

M has always overreacted when he’s hurt! I should say he gets that from me… I’m the best drama queen 👸🏽 you can ever meet, specially when I’m in the slightest of pain…

So now with his hurt elbow, he bawled like a toddler and took time to settle down but still kept staring at his hurt elbow, as if there was nothing worse…

He looked up at me and stated,

M : Mummy, my left elbow is hurt but my right elbow hurts too, but is trying to help my left elbow.

M: See Mummy, my both hands are like you and your sister ‘D’. If one of you are hurt the other gets affected as well.. if one of you need each other you both are there for each other, just like both my hands !

Me : Awww… that’s true Beta, me and D are like two 👀 eyes ! When one eye is hurt the other eye cries!

My heart swelled with happiness, for one being gifted to have a sister like D and the other for the fact that M realises that me and my sis, share a special bond and he applying that analysis to this situation.

As, an after thought…I was wondering if I made the mistake of not giving him the gift of a sibling, with whom he could have shared the same kind of special bond, as the one I share with my sister.

Whether , M get a sibling or not, he does have cousins – my sis’s daughter N and J’s sisters kids… I wish he develops strong bonds with them and I wish the kids stick with each other, as grown ups through each other’s thick and thin!


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