“Life’s like that, Mummy “:)

Well, Its been along time since I blogged. My absence from this space only means that life’s being busy and in full swing. We’d been on a 8 days Euro trip covering 5 different countries in the first week of April and got back home tired. We’d been on a road trip to Birmingham last weekend and got back home exhausted. My health is not in par with J’s and M’s energy levels and I’m currently down with Flu because of the stress and strain.

With having been on a sick leave on Friday, I decided to visit M’s school and have a word with his class teacher – as I don’t get the opportunity to meet his class teacher, otherwise. I pick him up from the after school club, where I meet the after school staff and not the class teacher. So, I requested the office to check if I could meet his teacher that day.

The office staff bluntly refused and said it may not be possible as it was a half a day. Heart broken, on our way home – I explained to M that I was a bit disappointed as I could not meet his class teacher today and how the office staff refused to let me –

So M, looks up at me and says “Life’s like that , Mummy ” You can’t have everything you want” Sometimes it’s like that ”

I was all smiles and my proud mummy face lit up, instantly !


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1 Response to “Life’s like that, Mummy “:)

  1. freakyveggie says:

    Wow SJ… 5 countries in a trip, post more details on the trip !

    On the last part, I don’t know if kids say it out knowingly or unknowingly, but they sound very matured sometimes šŸ˜Š

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