Bangalore. My Home Town. Familiar Territory. The only place in the whole entire world/galaxy/Universe where my Heart belongs.

The Happiness I feel when my flight lands and I set foot on this ground cannot be explained by words, one good reason to this happiness is my close knit family. The excitement that I’m going to see my Mom, Dad and Sis, Niece after a year adds the chirp to it. My heart literally jumps with joy.

We were in Bengaluru for three weeks and 2 days.

The fact that I’ve lived outside this city for close to 10 years now , has had its apparent toll on me. Living out of India has left a scar. My life is missing the most simple life’s pleasures that bring me immense joy – of buying jasmine flowers, adorning the altar and my hair. Drinking a tender coconut on the road side to quench my thirst and enjoying the gangi inside it , after. Having a dahi sev puri and relishing it with all your heart . Getting two bags full of vegetables for 2 pounds – The big fresh bunches of coriander, mint and curry leaves at throw away prices – brings a wide smile on my face. I enjoy speaking every word of my favorite Kannada to street vendors and auto drivers.

Every time I visited Namma Bengaluru, I couldn’t help but notice the Pollution, Inflation, Population increase and Traffic that beacons the roads. This time around I noticed a few good things too.

  1. OLA – I went on a reunion to meet my college mates after a good 13 years. It was such a blast. Met at Koramangala, just next to the Forum Mall. Enjoyed every bit of it  – didn’t realize that time flew by and it was already 10.30 pm and I was to get back to the other end of Bangalore. And then , I Experienced the magic of OLA App, my friend picked up her phone and with a few clicks – there was my OLA cab ready to pick me up and drop me off safe. The drivers number flashed on her phone instantly and she could call him to give our exact location. The entire journey was being tracked and registered and it served such a boon to women commuting. To my Surprise , they were OLA auto’s as well. Wow !!! Hats off ! olacab
  2. Plastic Bags Ban : Pleasant surprise, for me  I didn’t know when this happened. Was in Awww that vegetable vendors and grocery shops gave away Paper, Tissue and Cloth bags instead of Plastic ones. How good is that ?large_bags-no-baskets-yes
  3. Peace Auto’s : Having an Argument with the Auto fellas ? Fed up of it ? Annoyed when the Auto Driver merely shakes his head for a NO and drives past like he just does’nt care, when he hears of your destination. Angry when the Auto Driver does’nt switch on his Meter and demands extra cash ! Coming to your rescue in Bangalore City….  ! peace-auto-2.jpg

          These are Auto’s that have boards announcing that they uphold Peace and ensure that your Auto journey is going to be peaceful. The Consider that the World is one Family and that the passenger is GOD !!! With all due respects to the Auto Drivers who battle through Traffic and still have signed up being a Peace Auto Driver ! Hats off to you guys !

It broke my heart to leave behind my beloved family and My City and get back to Edinburgh !

My Heart will forever belong to you Bangalore !!! I love You !

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5 Responses to Bangalore.

  1. Bikramjit says:

    Bangalore surely is a special place and holds a very special place in my heart.

    And I do remeber yhe problems I have with auto people .. but what you say is so good.. Next time no issues..

  2. D says:

    finallly a blog .. Huuuuuh ….. 🙂 We MISS you too .. 😦

  3. freakyveggie says:

    Yeah, Ola and Uber too, they are doing good jobs !!
    Wish the ‘ no to plastic ‘ comes to Hyderabad too.
    And I understand how it feels to leave all family and friends here, and move to a foreign land. Hope you have a great time there SJ and come back soon for another vacation 😊

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