Happy 8th Birthday, M

Happy 8th M. Moments after you were born back in 2008, I don’t know why but I was calculating in my mind that in 2016 you will be 8 years old. Here it is now. The little bundle of joy whose forehead I kissed when I first saw, has turned into a handsome young prince.

This is your first birthday that you have got to celebrate in Bangalore with your Grandparents and Cousins. Yes, You and I are in Bangalore for unfortunate reasons. T-Thatha that is my dad is critically unwell and I’m here to take care of him. I pulled you out of school in Edinburgh,  taken you out of your comfort zone, away from home, away from Dad, have made you miss your friends, your favorite swimming classes and the comfort of you being at your home. I felt bad doing this to you, but I did not have  a choice. But you…But you seem to be having a blast ! You are jumping between one set of grandparents home to the other, One set of cousins home to another, exploring why India is so crowded and why people honk  on the road for no reason and wondering why people here are allowed to burst fire crackers for diwali. I hope this unfortunate circumstance turns out to be a good learning experience for you, my Darling.

When family here realized that this will be your very first Birthday celebration in India, ever since you were born – everyone was excited. My Sis, D asked you very excitedly if you were aware that this was your very first birthday that you will be celebrating with the whole family here in Bangalore and you in turn shot back asking her, if she was aware that this is the very first birthday that you are away from your daddy dearest. She was indeed taken aback at the angle at which your little mind works.

Ofcourse , your family showered you with presents – An Autobot, A table football, A transformer, A remote car that runs on the ceiling and walls, Tiffin box, Water Bottle, Mechanix set and New clothes.

You are a gadget freak. When V Thatha asked you what you want for your birthday – You told him that you are fed up with your gadgets running out of batteries and wanted a Power bank – Guess What ? Your V Thatha, got it for you. When my sis D asked you what you wanted for your birthday, you excitedly showed her a 40,000 Rs Playstation on Amazon and wanted that as your birthday present and My Sis nearly got a heart attack.

You are growing up to be sensible, and you reason everything that’s been told. Sometimes you throw tantrums and your behavior erupts  until you are punished after which you accept your punishment dutifully. You will be starting temporary schooling here until I will be of help to my parents. I am sure the education system in India is going to shock you initially – The British system has not taught you what a test or an exam is or what homework really is. Wait until you start school here …Languages – Hindi and Kannada are going to seem Greek and Latin to you. Good Luck with that 🙂 I hope its  going to be a good learning experience for you – M. I hope you take it up as a mini adventure.

When T-Thatha fell ill all of a sudden, I had to rush to Bangalore the first time on the 5th September – You were in school on a Monday morning, I left from Edinburgh to Bangalore without even bidding you good bye. I left you with Daddy. Daddy and you managed for a couple of weeks. Thatha had a mild heart attack which resulted in clots in his brain and had fallen down at church – He was in ICU when I met him. He was getting better and when he got back home, I retuned back to dad and you in Edinburgh.

Little did we know that the same week that I returned to Edinburgh, Thatha had rectal bleeding and a simple colonoscopy revealed a greater shock. He was diagnosed with Stage III Colon cancer and is currently undergoing aggressive Chemo. That’s when you and me rushed back to Bangalore. The moment dad booked our tickets for the next day and mom was in deep tears – You were running around innocently packing all your toys, excited to go to India.

I’m hoping Thatha bears with the side effects of his Chemo treatment and celebrates you next birthday with the family in UK. I pray …I sincerely Pray…

Have a good year, M

Love you !

 Amma (I wish you call me that…Rather than mummy !..and you know that ! )

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1 Response to Happy 8th Birthday, M

  1. Happy Birthday to M !! Wishing him lots of happiness and good health …. hugs to you SJ !! I hope your dad emerges victorious in this very difficult battle!!

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