Breaking the Blogathon :(

I do not know, if it was the celebration of the continuous 15 days post on the 15th day was just too much for the GOD’s to take that they let me slip away from my commitment of posting everyday without fail…

It so happened on the 16th day, I felt unwell – and went for a nap in the evening, woke up , tucked M in bed and cooked for the next day…Since J and I slept in the evening , we didn’t feel sleepy past 11 Pm. So I decided at 11.30 to sit on the computer and type my blog – before which i was so much drawn into reading all my fav blogger’s posts and comment on them, being engrossed i did not realise the time was 11.45 pm, i hurriedly started typing my post and in exactly 6 minutes the power goes off ! not on the computer , but the entire household ! when i look out of the window, i realise its not just our house, the entire apartment building !

For the first time i experienced a power cut here in the UK ! With a -1 degree temperature outside, we were freezing inside. we quickly tucked inside the blanket – forgetting bat my blog, well the internet modem wasn’t alive too… I was thinking of the clothes in the washing machine that were wet and needed the dryer, thinking of the stash food in the freezer for the next week, by morning magically power was up n running !

Next day same story, evening no power ! M says ” power cuts happen only in India – how come here ?” Well, story of our lives !

Now, i’ve missed 3 days of blogging !

Valid reasons…or excuses…but i hereby announce the completion of 1/2 a bloggathon and it is due to reasons only known deep in my heart…I promise to write again soon.

Good luck to all my fellow bloggathonners !

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10 Responses to Breaking the Blogathon :(

  1. anisnest says:

    Hey you can make up with 2 or 3 posts in a day.. We all have done it.. All you need is 31 posts by 31st Jan.. You are still on.. Go ahead..

  2. Greenboochi says:

    Opps. Do write for the rest of the month if possible, SJ. You can catch up on the posts 🙂

  3. Sia says:

    Sj you should not stop at this.. Please continue to write..

  4. Maddie says:

    Don’t stop writing…go on..

    And power cut? We never had that here in all these years! Strange.

  5. Prachee says:

    Yes yes… Come on SJ.. You had a valid reason:). Now gear up and write new post

  6. Lavender says:

    Oh no! Please don’t stop… Just catch up on the posts… Come on yaar… Please write…

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