M’s birth story !

Two of my favourite  bloggers Paatiamma and Tharani had recently written about the birth stories of their little ones,  Nemo and ZAM respectively. Reading about their birth stories, brought about **raktha kanneeru (tears of blood) in my eyes 😦 , Gosh, how much pain these sweethearts have endured to bring their little ones into this world.

In comparison, The pain I underwent to deliver M is nothing comparing to their pain and struggle. Paatiamma and Tharani Hats off to you both ! Truly, you both are brave girls !

Well, here is M’s birth story :

M’s due date was 07-09 November, but on 22 October a series of events unfolded –

  1. Chandrayaan – I was launched. The long expected launch of the Chandrayan-I – A Mission to Reach the Moon was launched by the space scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation.
  2. On the same day, SJ relaxing at mom’s home woke up at about 8.40 am. SJ enjoyed staying at mom’s home and being pampered from the 7th month. Mummy was getting ready to get to school, she had prepared Rice, channa masala and Egg dosa and plain dosas for her heavily pregnant daughter 🙂 My sis had recently been married off 1 month ago, yet she lived close to my mom’s place. So I got to see her everyday. Mom left to work and Dad was with me that day.  After enjoying a good breakfast , while dad was busy gorging the news paper, I slowly walked to the kitchen to drink water. Suddenly , I felt a burst or a splash of wetness and I mistook it to be urinating. I get to the loo and then it actually stuck me that my waters had broken.
  3. I immediately alert dad who calls the cab company, we inform mom and mom was on her way. We had to rush to the hospital I started packing whatever basics I could. The twist in tale is that with my waters broken, I went up to the second floor balcony to get the clothes that were drying upstairs. he he he …Brave me.
  4. J was in Singapore – I call him and tell him we are going to the hospital, J being J asks me – why ? Hospital for what and whom ? I say :” what a question – it’s for me, remember your wife is heavily pregnant ” ah , well –  men !!!
  5. After packing, the next thing I did was going for a quick shower – yaa, that’s how cool I was. I was ready before mom could reach home from work. It was raining by the time we left home at about 11’ish in the morning. After lighting candles and a quick prayer we leave home. One touching incident that I would not forget was the taxi/Cab driver uncle holding an umbrella over my head from my house gate to the cab door, while mom and dad were busy locking the home 🙂
  6. My doctor visits me and after a quick ultrasound , she announces my waters have broken but baby’s head hasn’t turned yet. She decides to induce pain and wait for a few hours. Dad calls MIL and FIL and they get to the hospital too.
  7. By 6.00 PM, I was about 2 cm dilated , but actually didn’t feel an ounce of pain. I had idli for lunch, mom fed me on the hospital bed. The baby’s heart beat was being constantly monitored and it showed that the heartbeat started variating a lot.
  8. By 7.00 PM the doctor checks and announces that it’s better that I’m taken in for a surgery to deliver the baby. She met my parents, MIL and FIL and tells them that they are preparing me for a C-section. She also speaks to J over the phone, explaining that its safer to go for a C-section at this point of time.
  9. A group of nurses attacked me. One was fixing my IV line, the other was pushing a catheter into my urinary bladder , One was writing on my hand, mentioning about the injections she had given me. I felt like a lab rat for a few minutes. I was wheeled into the OT, wide awake – with mom, dad , MIL and FIL running behind my bed 🙂
  10. I saw many masked faces inside the OT  – One of whom I could recognise was my doc. The person who administered anaesthesia, asked me if i wanted a baby boy or a girl. I smiled and said – I know it’s a boy, because i spent 7 months on my pregnancy in Singapore and my baby’s gender was revealed.
  11. All that I felt was the pain of a single injection in my spinal below my hip. Minutes later I felt my lower abdomen numb.
  12. I could see the doctor bring her knife and with all drowsiness, I shouted – no don’t cut me…and all I heard was better put her to sleep, she seems scared !
  13. I was given another dosage of anaesthesia and was put to deep sleep, I didn’t know an ounce of what was happening in that room. Really !!! I slept though my baby’s birth !
  14. M was born at 7.56 PM on the 22 of October.
  15. The next thing I know was waking up while I was being wheeled out of the surgery room – I say a nurse pulling my bed and asked her ” where’s my baby ? – The nurse mentioned  – “Your baby is fine, he is at the nursery”.  I was wheeled to a room and on the way I could see Mom, dad, my periappa and periamma,  MIL and FIL – all smiling ! They had already seen baby M. It was almost about 9.00 PM. I was in the room.
  16. The idly that I ate in the afternoon , was still in my tummy and caused nausea. Throwing up immediately after the surgery could cause an injury to the fresh stitches. My MIL was holding my tummy while wanted to throw up and my mom , not finding the bowl – opened her hand and let me throw up that bit of food on her bare hands – I love you , ma !
  17. Baby M was all bundled up in a white towel and was being carried like a little doll in a nurse’s hand and was brought to my room at about 9.30 PM ! The nurse brought him straight to my lips and I laid my first kiss on his forehead…
  18. That first kiss was the first of the zillion kisses that my lips have laid on M
  19. Hence, the journey of my motherhood began !
  20. Truly –  a No Pain, FULL GAIN birth story 🙂
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11 Responses to M’s birth story !

  1. Now I want to share mine 🙂

  2. Prachee says:

    Dnt knw why.. But all these birth stories make me emotional.. :).
    Glad that urs was not that painful..!

  3. Greenboochi says:

    SJ – even after 7 years you remembered every single detail! 🙂 I am so loving these birth stories, makes me super emotional and happy at the same time 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Yes GB – It’s like it happened yesterday 🙂 – Birth stories are so special to moms ! Every year on M’s birthday, I secretly celebrate the day I gave birth 🙂

  4. anisnest says:

    oh this urges me to write about Adi’s birth story.. What if she is 10, I never recorded it in the blog.. May be I should..

  5. anisnest says:

    by the way 23rd Oct is my amma’s bday 🙂

  6. paatiamma says:

    Every birth story has its share of pains and joys SJ..Recovery after the C -section must still have been a painful process!! How clearly you remember the events even after 7 years!! Wishing you many many happy memories with M!

  7. Tharani says:

    Aww. C section is not easy at all. Kudos to you. Same pinch on the showering part 😉
    Loved reading it SJ 🙂

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