Child Care

After giving birth to M, I started working when he was 18 months old. Since J and I live in a distant land away from our close knit families, we are M primary care takers . Child care during his school holidays, was more challenging when he was younger 2-4 years old, specially during the times when he would be ill. It was a struggle but we juggled through.

Now that M has completed 7 years , managing his holidays when we both work – has actually become a lot easier.

During his summer holidays, J and I – both split our India trip so M could spend his entire 8 weeks leave in India. So, he can spend more time with cousins and grandparents.  As a result J and I and M were not in India , together as a family this time. First it was M and Me, I got back and then J went to India, when he was returning  – M came along. Well, yes the long leave was managed that way !

Now, when it comes to the shorter leave like Christmas leave or training days leave – then I rely on Child care. For M it is change as well, being the only child which is boring to be at home, he enjoys the company of his friends who are mostly of his class, he makes new friends as well. They do a lot of activities together and M has fun.

Not all of his days are spent in Child care though, I do apply a few leaves, J does so. We try to balance out so M does not find it monotonous. We try and fit in a few lazy days at home for M during his holidays too, so he can sleep late in the mornings and relax 🙂

In case , we both have to be at work that day and M is on leave. J has the provision to take M to his workplace and keep him there. That’s what he did for a day , during M’s Christmas leave. Well , since it was the Christmas period, the workplace wasn’t very busy too.

M enjoyed meeting J’s colleagues, Sitting in a cubicle and pretending to be at work 🙂

Below was a picture clicked when M was at J’s workplace for a day.


How do you manage Child Care  ?

How do you achieve work life balance ?

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6 Responses to Child Care

  1. anisnest says:

    this reminds me of how we used to manage Adi’s day off when she was little.. Now, with LHB I have to take day off if it is off for him. I absolutely cannot work with this little boy in tow..

  2. freakyveggie says:

    I understand how difficult these things are out of India. Here, it is much easier with the help of elders. We stay with the in-laws and so lot of such things become easy.
    At times, when they are out of station, one of us takes the day off.

    • sjscribbles says:

      The pleasure of living in India is incomparable, FV. Minus the traffic, power cuts, people – but the family support we get as we bring our kids up is a blessing in India

  3. Lavender says:

    He looks very busy in the pic 🙂

    Lemon has some flexible work schedule.. so we are able to manage to some point. However, during winter I’ll take some time off to cover as well. It is also very difficult to work from home with Lime at home.

  4. Greenboochi says:

    I love it when my colleagues bring their kids to work.. for a change, having someone with a peppy voice and excitement around me really helps 🙂

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