Happy Birthday Dad !

Dearest Daddy,

Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday !

Wishing you all the happiness in the world because you deserve it, Daddy. Mom, Me and Sis love you loads and you mean everything in the  world to us.

You are our guide, philosopher , mentor and model that we look up to every single day of our lives and during every single obstacle that comes our way. For every child their dad is their first hero and you have always remained so for us. We can rely on you with all of our issues and you are always a listening ear and provide us with best life advice that works so well for us. I remember years ago once, I had complicated issues with my in-laws and was so depressed. All that I had to do was give you one phone call and after I put that phone down, I was at peace with the world and myself.

Daddy, They say only a person with a certain maturity level can forgive someone’s wrong do’s and understand the situation and reasoning behind their bad behaviour. You are one of them. When someone speaks to you disrespectfully or bad mouths, you are the person who actually  sympathises with that person, and understands the situation they are in and hence their behaviour. Not everyone can be you , Dad. I remember once my FIL treated you badly at the airport and all that you mentioned to me was it was due to his insecurity and possessiveness that he had for his only son J , that he behaved that way and forgave him in an instant. It pains me to see what you have undergone , just to keep your daughters lives intact and peaceful. We love you , Dad.

Dad, you come from a family that hasn’t been well to do. You and your brothers and sisters have had difficulties in having your next meal on your plates during your school days. It is due to your sheer handwork and planning that all of your family has come a long way and settled your lives so well. The love and affection that your side of the family bestow on each other is truly amazing. They support each other during every triumph and tribulation and lend a helping hand.

You are so farsighted that you planned our life so well. In turn, you made sure our lives are safe and secured at every stage. When you married mom, you ensured mom goes ahead with her studies and completes her B’Ed and continue her career as a teacher. I can understand how difficult the times would have been when you managed with just your pay and mom’s education and a baby me. You and mom waded through life through sheer hard work and faith. You made sure your daughters had a good education, went ahead in enrolling them in professional courses by paying a hefty – I was enrolled in Embedded systems course after my engineering and Sis was enrolled in a Tech Writing course after her degree, You wanted to give us the extra edge more than just a education and make us hireable material. You encouraged us to go ahead and have careers of our own and be independent.

Me and sis , always admire the financial planning that you adhered to in life. You set an exemplary example of saving for the future and securing life. With doing three jobs a day as a bachelor you saved up a little and got a small plot in Bangalore, even before your wedding. By the time Sis was born and mom completing her education and me a 4 year old , you built a small three room home and moved us to our own house in 1985. How lucky we were. You would work overtimes, sometimes I remember you going to the factory at 5.00 in the morning and getting back home at 12.00 in the night. Mom and you have made countless sacrifices in building our nest. With the savings of every five years, you went on with planning and expanding our small house with extra bedrooms, built a first floor – rented it out and made sure you and mom were financially secure and did not have to rely on anyone in your retired life. Your dedication and planning strategies are most admired by most of our extended families.

You are and have always been a gem of a person, Dad. Mom has always mentioned to us when we were younger – that we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. You were a dad who never drank alcohol , have never touched a cigarette or had any bad habits at all. You were always dedicated to your family and I don’t even remember you spending time or going out with your friends. Our family has been your top priority and you have done whatever little you could do for us. Now, that you are a grand dad of  grand son M and a grand daughter N, Me and Sis,  still relied on you to getting diapers to taking them for vaccinations. You have done it all with a smile. Thank you, Daddy !

I got married and flew away from home in 2006, after which I spent a substantial amount of time at our home was when I got back in 2008 to deliver M, thats when I stayed back a good 4 months back home, rather than shuttling between my inlaws and ours during every other India trip. During the few months I was back home, I saw this young boy come home regularly every month, looking for you – I later found out that you had funded his and his bro’s and sis’s education because they couldn’t afford it and now that the boy was working he kept coming back every month to pay a little bit of what he thought he owed you and wanted to. It struck my heart , Dad.

You have always been doing your bit for the society . When we were little, you used to be part of this social service organisation other than your work, which dealt with child labourers and their education. After retirement, you have made use of your time to help people around you. I have known you enrolling mentally challenged kids of illiterate parents, taken them to government offices and filling in forms to get them enrolled for government bursaries and made sure they get paid something every month for their maintenance. For those in our families, who struggle with their health or finance or moral support – you have always been there for them.

To the best dad in the world !

Happy Birthday !

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Dad !

  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad !! He sounds like such an amazing person…. My best wishes to him !!

  2. Bikramjit says:

    Many happy returns of the day to a super daddy. . Happy birthday ..
    Please extend my regards …

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