An Issue that Weighs me down !

I have always been on the slimmer side…or to say I have always been the  ” super figure” 🙂

The above sentence holded good until 2013 ,…SJ sobs sobs…

Now I have a paunch popping off my tummy and my bummy protruding and there is MRF tyre around my hips and my cheeks are more bubbly  :-(. I have officially, lost the status of Super Figure ! My salwars have become tighter and when I visit Westside, when in india, my size has changed from M to Large…sobs sobs…

I dunno it it was the tropical climate in Singapore, where I used to sweat it out and be slim and retain my “Super figure” status but the UK weather has done me more harm that good (yah..blame it on the weather :))

The food in the UK has a part to play too. The freezy cold winters – keeps us at home all the time and the food choices I make here are wrong ones..the isles of chocolates and crisps don’t help either ( yah…blame it on the food)

My age is ticking as well…hence my metabolism has slowed down (Yah…again – blame it on the metabolism )

The true person to be blamed is me – Myself ! For all the binge eating, too lazy to do yoga …No exercise, no proper planning, taste buds that want to eat more cheesy and oily stuff , Desk job, Stress !

I was 56 Kgs at my wedding in 2006- After M was born and with all the breastfeeding for 2 years I was down to 54 kgs in 2009…I was 60 in 2013 ! Now, I weigh a whopping 70 Kgs ! It saddens my heart that all my efforts to loose the extra Kgs are short lived…I eat salad for lunch, by the time its dinner I have eaten atleast two bars of Kinder Bueno, a packet of chips, and some rubbish !

I dread my India trips, because who ever I see – Say S – you have become fat ! For my MIL, its a pleasure in saying ” S, nalla gundu ayidichu ” (S has become fat) in front of all the relatives and take a dig at me. I dread that moment !!!

It is just not about the good looks. It is more about the health too.

  • At 34 years, I find I have to support my self to stand up after sitting down.
  • I pant like crazy when I climb a series of stairs.
  • I get a pimple occasionally on my face which proves my harmones are not balancing themselves
  • I loose it and yell at poor M for no reason.
  • Most importantly my periods are heavier than normal, during the second day my body aches and I feel so very uncomfortable with the heavy flow.
  • Yaa…I look like a pumpkin waiting to burst out !

If an increase in 10 KGS in the past three years can affect me so much, I can imagine what more fat can do to my body.

This issue truly weighs me down !!!


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9 Responses to An Issue that Weighs me down !

  1. I feel you’ve written my story 🙂

  2. Lavender says:

    You are my voice. Weight gain is killing me now and I’m too worried ):

  3. paatiamma says:

    I had actually gained weight on bf ing SJ.. Blame the loading by MIL so that I can feed lil one no exercise..I used to walk till the last date of pregnancy..Have to restart yoga!!

    • sjscribbles says:

      After I carried M to Singapore after he was born in Bangalore, I was all alone with J and nany M and used to just eat whatever I cook for the baby – like Kichidi and stuff ! With BF and taking care of the baby…I slimmed down like crazy !
      I’ve heard having oats while Bf helps generate more milk and keep your weight under control ! Try that P. Bf is actually the best time to loose weight by eating the right stuff , re !

    • sjscribbles says:

      P, the best time to loose weight is when breast feeding. Read an article the other day that the body looses fat, when we just eat the right things. Just eat right, while breast feeding and the fat would melt off. Goodluck !

  4. sweety says:

    Soul sister! I was definitely one of those girls who say they have a good metabolism n never gain weight! For years, I maintained my 50 kg Taj Mahal weight n now in one year it has rocketed to 60+ 😭

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