Happy 7th Birthday M :)

Dear M,

Today the 22 of October, you turned 7 ! It was just like I wrote to you when you turned SIX  and it’s already that time of the year again ! Time flies 🙂

Seven seems a big number for the speed at which time has flown by. The memory of a little bundle of joy , wrapped in a white towel and whose forehead was brought straight to my lips when I was just out of the surgery room …remains so fresh in my heart ! I planted my first kiss on your tiny forehead and then the journey began !

At this stage of your life – you are neither a grown up nor a little one. You are in between !

I was cutting your toe nails the other day and I could help but notice your toes aren’t the little baby toes anymore –  the ones I used to so carefully cut  …They look like a little man’s toes ! You are growing way too fast, my sweetheart..slow down 🙂

Amma had an internal assessment bank test a couple of weeks ago and mentioned to you that I had to get 8 on 10 in order to pass the test  The day I had the exam, you eagerly questioned me of my results when I picked you up from the after school club . I had very stupidly failed the test …With a sad face I told you I failed the test – I got 6 on 10 and had to re-sit the test. What you next said actually bowled me over , was amazed by your maturity ,   ” Ohh, it’s ok , mummy ! At least now you know where you went wrong ! You tried it and that is more important ! It’s ok to fail  – it’s not the end of the world – just try again , mummy ” I was so glad the J and I have succeeded in implanting this kind’a good thought process in your tiny head !

M, Your interests have evolved with age, M – Minecraft has now become more your most chosen game ! You spend hours watching videos and you love playing this game… your interests have evolved over and over..from Barney the purple dinosaur when you were less than two years to Minecraft now !

You used to be so crazy about Barney the Dino, when you were about less than two years…with episodes being played in a loop and Barney clothes and what not ! There was a  Barney and friends show in Singapore and I still remember how you ran onto the stage and hugged Barney, the purple Dinosaur, thinking he was for real !  The other day J and I were discussing with you about how Barney was your first interest and how we were repeatedly forced to watch Barney because of you ! The absolute shocker came , when you turned around sheepishly and asked us ” Who is Barney ? Is it a DOG ? ” …We literally rolled on the floor and had a laugh ! Well, ya you’ve grown up !

You are good at Mathematics, M ! Really you are ! It actually amazes me to see you doing 3 digit addition with ease ! You intelligent little one – your mind needs to be challenged more and more ! You get good comments from your teachers about your reading and spelling. Mom and dad are truly proud of you !

You were so adaptable this year with our move from Cambridge to Edinburgh, we were wondering how you will adjust to your new school and new friends and about leaving your comfort zone and friends of your school in Cambridge. You quiet amazingly adapted quickly and well. Also, This year during your school summer holidays for the first time you managed to stay in Bangalore for 1 week without mom or dad – just with grandparents and cousins ! Kudos to you on that one, you were brave enough and did it ! The sad part was that you were hospitalised while at Cambridge for a week due to your intestinal adhesions causing problem, but you bravely fought it out well ! The little brave lion you are !

Well, with all being said – you seem to be a grown up…but still ….when you cuddle up to me and say ” mummy, it’s huggy time ! and give me a big warm hug..It does melt my heart and you become that little baby of mine , you once was ! “Mummy – Piggy back please ” and there appears my baby again from now where..just as I said..you are still in between !

This year we did not have a party like we did last year, after the move here we hardly know of any friends ! I wanted to send chocolates or cakes to school, but you politely refused stating that some of your friends have nut allergies and you did not want them to be ill because of your birthday treat. So,  dad and I planned a little surprise, after school I took you to church and received the ALMIGHTY’s  blessings , dad met us in church and we took you to a toy shop for you to choose your own presents – You picked up a Transformer bumble bee and a mine craft toy set with armours (not a surprise) ! Mom and dad then covered your eyes with your cap and took you into Yo-Sushi – for the big sushi fan that you are ! We cut your birthday cake dessert in the restaurant – it was the ” Custard Dorayaki” with a candle in the middle ! You came back home to say – It was your best birthday ever !

With endless wishes that you received from family and friends – May the coming year bring you loads of happiness and most importantly good health !



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12 Responses to Happy 7th Birthday M :)

  1. Bikramjit says:

    Many many happy returns of the day.. Wishing M a very happy birthday. .
    May all her wishes come true alwayssssss. . God bless

  2. Maddie says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fun weekend. Here’s wishing you more sunshine 🙂

  3. Tharani says:

    Oh yeah! Time flies SJ. Guess the day is not far when I write my 7th bday letter for Zidane and you, your 14th bday letter for M 😉
    M is such a sweet heart. Pass on my hugs and belated bday wishes to the little big boy!

    • sjscribbles says:

      Sure, will give him one extra hug Tharani and tell him it’s from you !
      Yes ! Zidane will be 7 and M will be 14…and it’s not too long away Tharani ! Everything happens within a wink of an eye !

  4. freakyveggie says:

    Happy Birthday M 🙂 Wishing loads of happiness and fun times ahead !

  5. Greenboochi says:

    Awwww happiest birthday to the not-so-little sweetheart, M! May you be blessed with loads of happiness through out your life 🙂

    SJ- thats one beautiful birthday letter 🙂 Hugs.

  6. shikmish says:

    congratulations on your son’s bday! co-incidently, my son was also born on the 22nd 🙂
    we celebrated his first bday last week!!!

  7. sjscribbles says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to your little one too…

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