Writers Block – Breaking Blog !!!

M and I went to India. Leaving M with with the grandparents, I returned. J and I spent almost a week like newly weds minus the kid – went on a secret weekend getaway :-). J left for India. I was left alone in Edinburgh for 3 weeks and missed them like crazy !. J and M returned , thus completing M’s 7 weeks in Bangalore. 3 weeks with me, one week by himself and 3 weeks with J. M was back in Edinburgh right in time for his school re-opening. Wow…what a ride !

I missed my blog family and their updates ! Decided to get back. Got to say, my blog friends have become a part of me that I have to get back time and again to read the updates in your lives.

BTW – its 3 years of blogging too.

Leaving you with another of M’isms :

When M was little , he loved being entertained by gadgets and we as parents let him, for which we much repent. In our attempt to de-addict him, we have been restricting his gadget time as much as we can. On a recent visit to the neighbourhood clinic to register ourselves, I was busy filling forms and M was stirring there asking for my mobile phone to keep him busy. I politely declined, stating there were some books on the table and he could keep himself busy with books too ! He agreed.

A few minutes later, I checked out the book he was engrossed in – just to find this :


Kids these days 🙂

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