First post from Edinburgh !

1. We moved. Our house is still filled with a few boxes , 3 weekends after moving and  sorting stuff, We still wonder why we have so much stuff at home, we just stopped buying anything for the home even small food storers, we now buy only consumables. Most of the old clothes and unused stuff is getting packed away to charity. In reality , we can actually live out of suitcase. Most stuff we accumulate over the years, thinking we will use it some day. That “some day” never comes !

2. Edinburgh is mesmerising ! Specially the buildings and the terrain. Loving it.

3. My workplace is a 28 minute walk from home, I do enjoy the walk. M’s school is 3.5 minute walk from home. J’s office is a 5 min drive, living at the city centre has its own advantages. There is a Cineplex and mall – walk away. A swimming pool, Indian grocery store all at a stones throw. So much convenient as compared to living on the outskirts of Cambridge.

4. M’s getting used to his new school, after initial hiccups and complaints. He didn’t like his new classmates and wanted his previous ones. Slowly but steadily , He is getting used to school.

5. M’s summer holidays starts from Friday the 26th June, Our India trip is sorted ! I’m really excited. M and I leave for India on the 01 July, I get back on the 23 July leaving M in Bangalore with grandparents, When I get back J and I are going to be here without M , for until the 28th, J leaves to Bangalore on the 28th July and gets back with M on the 20th of August. With J and I visiting Bangalore separately M gets to spend a good 7 weeks with grandparents and cousins. It’s a weird feeling for having M in Bangalore and me here for 4 weeks after I get back from Bangalore to Edinburgh, but it’s going to be a new experience both for him and Me.

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8 Responses to First post from Edinburgh !

  1. That’s nice. You both can use that break. And vacations are always lovely. Glad the move went well. 🙂

  2. D says:

    Waiting for you to reach India… 🙂 so that i can listen to many more blogs like this .. 🙂 Love you always … D

  3. greenboochi says:

    Wow SJ! Edinburgh sounds quite lovely from what you have described 🙂 And welcome to India – will drop you a mail 🙂

  4. Maddie says:

    wow…where exactly are you located? I’m near fountainpark cinema.. sounds like you are too..

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