An unexpectedly horrible week !

Well, as you know my family is in the process of moving to Edinburgh , Scotland from Cambridge.

J left on the 27th of April, leaving M and me back home. J intended to stay put in B&B’s and Hotels for 1 month before M and I will join him. This decision was taken such that the logistics of finding a rental home and M’s school and all, crease out before M and I get to Edinburgh.

What started as a just a tummy ache for M, soon turned into a horrendous situation. On the 17th May at around 3pm , after having Tomato and Cheese Pasta for Lunch, M complained of Tummy ache, I did all I would normally, gave him an antacid syrup, applied oil on his navel, tried asking him to poo, Gave him some Jeera for digestion but alas nothing worked.

It was a relief when he threw up for the first time at 6.30 pm, all that he had for lunch. I was under the impression that it was indigestion and hence the pain and was glad the tummy threw up what it could not digest. My relief was indeed short-lived , when he kept throwing up constantly – though there was nothing left in his tummy. It was just horrible nausea and all that he could bring out was saliva every single time he threw up.

The throwing up continued all through the night and by this time, I was tensed and had called the medical emergency hotline twice and spoke to 2 doctors, 1 at 11.00 pm and the other at 5.00 am in the morning.Both the doctors suspected that it could be tummy bug. the last doc I spoke to advised me to take him to the General Practitioner, ASAP.

I called and fixed the appointment on Monday at 11.00 am and by this time M was lethargic and sleepy. I put him on the Pram which I used for him since he was less than a year old and pushed him to the clinic in the rain, with just a rain cover covering the pram. The GP who saw him, suggested we give it a couple of hours before he be taken to Addenbrookes to be admitted. The first time she called after a couple of hours , he was too lethargic and she called again and it was the same, she immediately arranged for an ambulance and off M and I went to the hospital on Monday evening.

With an A&E assessment, that took long, I realised that it was not just normally how M would behave, he was suffering with acute tummy ache. His past medical history haunted me. I did not want to go through it all again ! But, here I was at the A&E with a sick and lethargic and suffering child.

The X-ray that was taken at 11.00 pm on Monday night, confirmed my worst fears, It was an intestinal adhesion. I was shaken , with the child in one hand and the phone to J on the other. M had to be hospitalised and observed.

Not again , I thought to myself. Praying hard that everything should be fine. A Worried J took the Tuesday morning 6.45 flight from Edinburgh and reached Cambridge at about 9.00 in the morning. M was given IV, a tube had to to be inserted through his nose to tummy , for which he suffered and lot and his suffering was a heart bleeding pain for any mother to witness.

The worst was still not over, by Wednesday evening the surgeons were telling J and me that they would take him for an intestinal surgery anytime. My tears would not stop rolling at what my little child was to endure. My prayers and faith in GOD was deepened.

The next visit of the Surgeon, gave me a bit relief , Since his intestines were resting without the food intake, the adhesions began to clear themselves, without needing a surgery. By Thursday we could see a lot of positive signs. J and I knew that M was out of it.

Next task was to start him with water for a day and then start soft food intake. We did and our lives were returned to normal by Saturday mid. We got back home by Saturday Night.

What an unexpectedly horrible week it was. What an emotional roller coaster it was. Something that no parent should endure. Thanks to the surgeons and nurses and the world class medical care this country could offer at absolutely no cost.

Thanks to GOD it is over now ! My child is back to normal.

Our moving plans are in place and we are moving this weekend.

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8 Responses to An unexpectedly horrible week !

  1. Hugs to u and the little trooper !! Watching your child suffer is indeed a parent’s worst nightmare… Glad to know he is well again …. All the best for the upcoming move !!

  2. greenboochi says:

    My heart was beating quite fast and I was desperately trying to reach to the end of the post to know that he is safe again. Thank God. I can begin to imagine what you all must have gone through, especially little M. Big hugs to you SJ.

    • sjscribbles says:

      He is safe again GB ! Thank GOD for that.
      Hugs back to you , GB. Our lives came to a painful , grinding halt !
      Back to normal again, just recovering out of the emotional trauma !

  3. liliputs says:

    Hugs dear.. i could sense how horrible the week should have been, Prayers for M for not getting this in his life at all.. Take care and stay fit. all the best on the move.

  4. So sorry SJ. I am reading this all so late and in wrong order. 😦
    I am so glad he is okay now. Did you find out why he got it? What do you do keep this away from him? Stay strong SJ. That’s the only thing kids need from us when they are sick. Its very difficult to deal with the situation and take care of him when you feel his pain. Just stay strong and lets worry later. Hugs to you and M.

  5. Thank god, It is such a relief to know that he is all okay. Hope everything’s getting back to normal now. Take care SJ.

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