Happiness is…

1. Happiness is when M hugs me and cries when I tell him that I’m on a day trip for an interview. I mention to him that it is just one day and he will see me in the evening. But still, He cries out loud saying – I will miss you mummy ! …..Grown up Baby !

2. Happiness is that moment when I hear my sister’s voice over the phone after a few days, though we are constantly in touch through daily whatsapp’ing ! Pasa Malargal !

3. Happiness is when I wake up at 3.30 am after dozing off in M’s bed (while trying to put him to sleep) and still find J awake and working past mid night. Just sitting next to him, with my head on his shoulder and gazing at the ceiling with sleepy eyes and a smile ! ….Unsaid Love !

4. Happiness is opening M’s school bag to find out that he carries my passport size picture in his bag all the time…was so touched…Seem’s like he learnt it from daddy who keeps my MIL’s pic in his wallet all the time. Mumma’s boys πŸ™‚

5. Happiness is when I hear my parents ask – S, epaddi ma irruke ? Though I speak to them almost everyday and spoken to them just a day earlier ! ….Heartfelt Care.

6. Happiness is when I take a walk in the sunshine during my lunch break and soak in the sun (which has become a rarity through the winter) and ditch taking Vitamin D tablets…Sunshine Yay !

7. Happiness is when on those days that we are late from work, my colleague with whom I car share, goes that extra mile to drop me much closer to M’s school so that I don’t get delayed in picking M up from school. He does it even without me asking….and though sometimes he has to get back early for his football game, …Touching !

8. Happiness is when I see an elderly couple walking hand in hand …That moment depicts their entire life journey through joy and sorrow, sickness and health …and their togetherness through life. …Emotional !

9. Happiness is when I get a call from my organisation at Edinburgh and they inform me that I have not succeeded in the interview with them, But get another call an hour later from another branch in Edinburgh and they tell me that they are taking me in ! …Emotional Roller-coaster !

Happiness is knowing I have evolved at leaving this post with 9 points and not scratching my head for the 10’th one…like I always do…It’s ok not have a round number …It’s ok to break the norm and do what you feel is right ! ….Break the mind rules πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Happiness is…

  1. greenboochi says:

    Super love this post ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. freakyveggie says:

    Nice post SJ πŸ™‚ Happy to see happiness around πŸ™‚

  3. shaktii says:

    Another move?? all the best S…
    Congrats on your new job..hugs to the little one..

  4. 9 is a perfect number too. Lovely post SJ. Esp M keeping a passport picture of you. How adorable. πŸ™‚

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