Baby J + Baby S = Baby M

For a change a photo blog !

The below pic was clicked when J was a baby, a toy rooster was to be placed temptingly for Baby J to pose for the picture :


Now for Baby S, My parents had to carry me over to GK Vale, the best and famous photo joint in Bangalore to get this picture clicked. This picture was used by my Dad’s younger brother who was at that time working in UAE and was requesting leave for his wedding.

As an ancient saying goes ” Saavira sullu heli ondu maduve madu” (A thousand lies can be told to get one marriage done – in my honest opinion this statement doesn’t fit in today’s world) My Dad’s brother was working in UAE, back then it was really difficult to get leave approved for his India trips. He desperately wanted to attend my Dad’s wedding and due to unavoidable circumstances had to lie that he was going back to India for his own wedding but was actually present at my Dad n Mom’s wedding.  As luck would have it, his own wedding was fixed exactly a year later. Now, he was in a dilemma,  as he did not know what reason to quote this time for leave . The best that his family could think of at that point of time, was to use my baby picture to say that his baby girl was born and he had to see her…thus I became his self proclaimed first born child – He wouldn’t have been in India for his own wedding , if not for this picture 🙂

Baby_Shalini copy

Now, that the pose is defined – Here goes a series of Baby M’s same pose pictures :

Baby M

J, M and I were viewing these pictures that other day with a friend’s family , M as usual came up with an innocent question ” Why is daddy’s baby picture in Black and White but Mine and Mummy’s baby pics are in colour ?” to which I instantly replied – ” Your Daddy was born in an era where there were no colour picture technology” The timing was so perfect that it did make J look like he was from the dinosaur period ! The friends and we had a good burst of laughter !

Love and Life continue in the JSM household…

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5 Responses to Baby J + Baby S = Baby M

  1. For a moment I thought amidst all this u had another baby 😀…

  2. greenboochi says:

    Awww I love baby pictures this pose 🙂 All of you all are looking absolutely cute 🙂

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks GB ! The pictures in this post are worth drooling for ! Every single time I see them I too go Awwwww…..

  4. Hahah. Dinosaur era. 🙂 Cutie cutie pics of you guys. 🙂 Love the smiles. 🙂

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