Of a Galaxy, First Snow and a Cold bug !

M was bitten by a cold bug since Sunday. He had sore throat, Really runny nose and persistent cough through the nights. He would cough so much that he wasn’t sleeping through the night and has been off school for 4 days. J and I have been alternating our leaves and taking care of him. Getting a doc’s appointment is not easy here in Cambridge. I’d called the clinic and they in turn told me , I should receive a call back from a Doc. The Doc found out if M had temperature or Chest cold, when answered in the negative, he just asked me to continue Calpol syrup. M’s doing better today and hopefully should get back to school tomorrow.

One good thing about M and I being at home today was that we witnessed the First Snow Fall Ever ! Yes, when we moved here from Singapore in 2013 we came with high hopes of witnessing snow. Unfortunately , it didn’t snow from the time we landed for almost 2 years now. Well, but Until Today !!! It was truly magical. M and I went out with hooded jackets, just to feel it. Today I understood the real meaning of a Snow Flake !!! We made a small video of M saying ” Hi guys, this is my First Snow ” :-). It lasted for about 20 mins or so and dried up as soon possible. I was speaking to my mom over Viber when I first saw it, mom was excited as well. I called J , to announce that it was snowing , he was in a meeting and asked me to take a video. For the records, M and I witnessed our very snow fall today and it was truly magical !

Well, to finish off by adding some spice to a boring post like this one –

M as he wasn’t well was indoors for the past 4 days and today i decided to take him to the Church cafe, for a cup cake and I had a cuppa hot chocolate, after we got back home, I could see all of M’s toys strewn all over the living room. It was an absolute mess.

Annoyed at the very sight, I showed M around and said – Look at the mess of toys !

His clever reply was – It’s ok to be messy , mummy – It’s a Galaxy !!! A Galaxy of toys !The Galaxy is so messy with stars and planets and so this is a Galaxy of toys !

His reply made me bite my tongue, well – yes, the galaxy is messy coming to think of it ! and he was right ! I wouldn’t have thought about it in that angle, though. Clever Child.

Well, the galaxy of toys is cleared up now, dinner finished and M’s tucked in bed after his bed time story reading and is ready to get back to school tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Of a Galaxy, First Snow and a Cold bug !

  1. Such a bright little boy you have !!

  2. preethim1985@gmail.com says:

    Soo cute… these kids make us think of the things we havent thought about .. .! 🙂

  3. Bikramjit says:

    Made me smile ..

    Long time no post ..

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