M, My little grown up !

Taking Control  : 

M and I were walking back from his school at about 6pm. This is our usual routine. I leave work at 5.00 and get to his school before 6.00 and we both walk home. The temperature in Cambridge is drooping to -1/-2 degrees by this time.Its dark and bitter cold. We are generally in full gear – jackets, cap, gloves and socks.

M’s fingers were safe in his pockets , while I had forgotten my gloves that day and I usually carry his school book bag and water bottle which prevents me from hiding my fingers in my pockets. My bag is generally a bag pack resting on my shoulders.

The temperature was freezing cold and dark, that at one point my fingers were unbearably snow bitten. About 5 mins away from home. All that I could do was place M’s bag and water bottle on the pavement and cry with pain. My focus was on my painfully frozen fingers. I told M that I can no longer bear the pain. My fingers were frozen.

My little grown up, took full control of the situation. Lifted up his stuff from the pavement, held my other hand and led me home like a responsible adult. For a minute , I was dumbstruck, yet proud to see that my little boy had grown up ! Grown up at 6 years !

Tooth Fairy : 

M lost his first tooth when I had been on a training at Manchester last year. It was a one below and then he lost another one below and now like a railway gate , he’s lost both his bunny teeth. He looks funny. I can’t believe his baby teeth are falling off giving rise to his permanent set of teeth. He has placed his fallen tooth below his pillow, wishfully hoping that the tooth fairy takes his tooth away and leaves behind coins…:-)

Sheep or Fox at the Christmas Play : 

M was a sheep in his nativity play in December. It is an improvement over last year where he was just a snow flake. Atleast, he was an animal for this year. J jovially brooded over the fact that M wouldn’t have any dialogues on stage, for which my dad over the phone suggested him to say “bhaaaa bah” on the stage 🙂

As far as M was concerned, he told me – Ohh mommy , I don’t want to be a Sheep on the stage, It’s quiet embarrassing ! I queried the reason as to why. What he told me cracked me up. He said he wished he was a FOX instead of a SHEEP ! FOX!!! I laughed out loud. There is no fox in the nativity play ! Baby Jesus was born in a stable and the stable didn’t have Foxes 🙂 Wonder why my little one wanted to be a Fox in the Christmas play !

Saving the Dried Leaves :

On our usual routine of walking back home from school, one evening. M was bending over the pavement and collecting all the dried leaves being blown away with the wind. I wondered why ? When asked M replied ” Mummy, you told me that plants are living things, they grow and breathe. The wind is blowing them away and I’m trying to save them. It must be painful for them ” Awww….such a kind heart 🙂

I explained to M that when a leaf dries in falls off to the ground and is no longer a part of the plant, he didn’t seemed really convinced though.

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7 Responses to M, My little grown up !

  1. Sweet M. Aah.. I wish his innocence stays much longer and his heart to be the same forever.
    His sweetness brings a happy smile to my otherwise tough day. Thank you for sharing it SJ. 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Thank you Journey of my thoughts 🙂
      A child’s mindset is really innocent and I’m enjoying it as much as I can, its not going to be far until he really grows up 🙂

      • I’m already sure that he’s going to grow into a really good person. 🙂
        But what you said is absolutely true. Enjoy the innocence while you can and please share it with us too. 🙂 it is a pleasure to read.

  2. Bikramjit says:

    God bless the little one..

    Why did I grow up..

  3. greenboochi says:

    Oh my Gosh! So much sweetness and cuteness in one post. It really melted my heart, reading this post 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      I haven’t been blogging for a while due to my busy schedule and laziness , GB. But, what M does forces me to write a blog so that I record all his innocence.

      I’ve really been enjoying your posts GB. I can so much relate to you ! Two Sisters, dotting parents, One sister married and living in the same city as parents…I must meet you next time I’m in Bangalore, GB !

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