Jumping through the Chimney !

What was a pleasant evening turned out to be disastrous last night.

All was well, J got back from work while M was practising his two digits addition and I was busy chopping veggies for a dinner of Veggie minced meat and chapatis. M had his shower. We had an early dinner and then decided on going for a long walk before we called it a day.

It was cold – about 6-7 degrees. So, we clothed ourselves as warm as we could , with caps and thermal socks and gloves and we set off. I picked my set of keys and shut the door close. We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the long walk, through the cold. M scootered on his two wheeled scooter, while I cycled and J jogged.

We laughed , Enjoyed the breeze and had fun !

We got back home and very normally put the keys into the door and tried to open it and the lock just refused to open. J tried , I tried , WE tried but NO. The door just wouldn’t open.

What could go wrong we thought ! It was the right KEY and It was the right HOUSE !

Just then J realised that when he returned back from work in the evening, he had left his keys on the inside of the door’s lock and therefore the door wouldn’t open when tried to open it from the outside. Mystery solved but the problem remained !

The wind was getting colder and M was sleepier.

We tried and troubleshooted …Our hands would’nt go through the post hole on the door, None of the windows were open, its winter ! how can they be open !

Then, It dawned on us …what about the back door ? So, we knocked on the neighbours and asked for a stool. J managed to jump into the garden and tried opening the Kitchen back door but alas, that was was bolted from inside.

M suggested “Lets call the fire station or the police station ” . We were so desperate that we thought that was a good idea and called to check if the fire men could help. The Fire Station suggested we call locksmiths instead, which we would intend to do anyways , finally !

Everything we tried worked against us.

We gave up after an hours effort and were looking as stressed as can be, with M looking as desperate as us to barge into the house and hit his bed. Poor Child ! Just then M announced – Daddy and Mummy I have a brilliant idea , he said – You know, when santa comes to deliver presents, he jumps through the chimneys into homes. So, now please find our chimney and we shall jump home – He suggested ! J and I broke into laughter amidst all the stress we were in.

For GODs sake, J had carried his mobile on him. We managed to call a friend A who drove to our home at about 10.00 and all that I could think off is to put M to sleep in the friends car.

A and J called numerous locksmiths , most of whom refused to come owing to the time and location. Finally we had one kind hearted but costly locksmith who managed to get to our door at 11.45 pm. His simple trick with the right tools did the job and the door opened wide, he didn’t even have to use a key.

A simple mistake , so easily done, Cost us hours in the freezing cold +  A Sleepless night + Enough Stress + A  good 100 pounds that we paid through our nose !

Sleeping M was carried to his bed at mid night. Thank GOD for the friend A who drove by to help us with just a single distress phone call.

What a relief it was to get into our beds and blankets. What a struggle !

M was woken this morning and was surprised as to how he was on his bed. All that he remembered was, us being locked out and he sleeping in A’ uncle’s car.

I told him his “Brilliant ” idea was what we followed and it worked liked magic ! We found the chimney and jumped into the house, just like Santa and therefore he was on his bed last night.

M thoroughly believes it ! He was so proud that ultimately it was his idea that worked ! I’m sure all his class friends would have heard of the story of us jumping through the chimney to get into our house last night !

As far as M believes in Santa and how Santa enters homes to deliver presents ! Our Story holds good that we did jump through the chimney to get home, one cold night after a long walk !

All is well , Now. Lessons learnt !

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10 Responses to Jumping through the Chimney !

  1. That was so sweet of M. And I am glad it turned well at the end. Can imagine your tension with the little one in cold.

  2. Its good that all is well now, but make sure little M doesn’t try that on his own when no one’s around. That can be pretty dangerous.
    Good day 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      All is well now, Thanks JoMT ! There is no chimney in this house nor do we leave him alone, so I’m hoping the story bluffed to him should be ok 😉
      Thanks for popping by !

  3. freakyveggie says:

    Ufffff….. Long story that ended well !

  4. liliputs says:

    How sweet he s
    . better be careful ppl… Glad that some one came else I can’t imagine wat would have been the situation s like

  5. magic says:

    OMG how did u ll mangae outdide in that cold wheather… i am glad at-least your friend could come and also the locksmith came in time sigh…take care

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