Dear M,

Dear M,

It is going to be your 6th birthday in a weeks time. I am delighted. I won’t say that I cannot believe you are already 6, because your maturity seems almost twice your age. You have always been that low maintenance baby, mom and dad never had to throw in loads of efforts in bringing you up. Now, that you are a budding little boy. You are as independent as can be.

We went on a India trip from Aug end to Sept mid. We were visiting family after a good 1 year and 3 months. Dad and you were having a discussion and Dad jovially asked you, if you would you like to stay in Thatha-Thathi’s place or Amma-Thatha’s place ? The answer you gave for the tricky question was heart touching. You promptly said – If u were to stay at Thatha-Thathi’s place all the time or Amma-Thatha’s place all the time, then you will hurt each of their feelings and that you wanted to share the entire time in India at both their homes. And you did. You kept telling me after a 3 day stay at amama’s home that it was now time for thathi’s home visit and vice-versa. You are a little gem ! Aren’t you ?

You have always been a well disciplined child (all thanks to the child care training) Even as a toddler you wouldn’t push, hit or bite other kids. While at India this time , your little cousins pushed you, hit you, bit you and you didn’t rebel back and hurt them , but came to me crying that it hurt you and you didn’t want to hurt them back . What can I say ! You sensitive little child.

You teachers speak highly of you. They always praise you for being a helpful child in class, you help your peers and we are really proud of you. I can’t help but blush as a proud mom, when they tell me how good you are academically, maths, spellings and general knowledge. Love you my little boy. It amazes me to see you growing into a fine human being.

It was my birthday on Sep 01, we were in India, attending a wedding at Trichy. You were the first person to wish me at 12 in the night. You were so proud of the fact that you wished me before your dad who was talking to his parents in their room.

The same evening, when we were roaming around a super market, you went to the chocolate aisle and I wondered if you were going to pick as many as you like and demand that we buy them for you, just as usual. You proved me wrong by picking up just one             ” Bounty” chocolate. When I asked you why you picked bounty, since you don’t like coconut – You said that you didn’t like coconut but you knew that I loved coconut and it was my birthday and that was my birthday gift from you. Awww…I had never felt so special before. Thank you M. I will remember this incident for many many more birthdays now 🙂

Your dad and you have developed a wonderful relationship that makes me proud. Thanks to the morning school drop of routine that dad has taken over after I’ve started working. You both talk a lot to each other and it amazes me to know that you know so much about dad’s preferences. The other day you were telling me how dad loved “Michael Jackson”. Co-incidentally we were walking past an old record shop on dad’s birthday on the 28th of Sept and you ran to the lady at the shop asking her if she had Michael Jackson songs and it was you dad’s birthday that day and you had to gift him. The lady was amazed to see your excitement and she ran through her records just to show you “Michael Jackson- Off the wall hits” You wanted me to buy it for daddy.

You hid the CD behind your back, went straight up to your dad and asked Daddy, guess what I have for you ? With a wide grin that extended to your ears you said ” Michael Jackson”, Dad was so happy with your little gesture. Off the wall was actually one of MJ’s flop hits, but the fact that you presented it to Dad makes it a heart warming super hit and I’m sure your dad will preserve that CD for life.

You balance on your bike after the stabilisers have been removed and you are so proud of yourself. Dad’z made a video of you riding on your bike and whatzaaped it to his friends around the globe.

You take my cycle keys, unlock them, and turn them around the right way for me take on, You sit with me on the kitchen counter while i cook dinner , asking a zillion questions on why I add turmeric and what is that brown colour powder (garam masala). You talk NON-STOP ! Even when I’m holding your chin, and with the tooth brush unto your lips, your mouth never ceases to talk.

You read like a pro…You stand by every little poster on the road and read it to the very end, the last one you read was about a Cat called Fig, whose missing from august, from then on whenever you see any cat on the road you start analysing it to see if it fits Figs description.

You are so gentle with babies, We went to Our lady of Walsinghams, Norwich, church on Sunday, with another family who carried 8 month old Baby R, You were ever so gentle and caring that I’m wondering if this is the right time to give you a little sibling 😉

 I’ve always called you GOD’s gift. You Little bundle of joy !

You were an accidental baby, M. I am so glad that the accident happened.

Happy Sixth Birthday !

Bless You !

Lot of Love,

Mummy !

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19 Responses to Dear M,

  1. freakyveggie says:

    That was a very sweet letter ! Happy Birthday M

  2. A very happy bday to M…. You know my Daughter is turning 6 tomorrow and as I was writing a similar post, I read yours….. Your little boy sounds like such a charmer…. May God bless him with health and happiness always…

  3. D says:

    Wow … awesome post S, love that little bundle of joy too .. 🙂 wishing him all the goodness and health always .. 🙂

  4. greenboochi says:

    I have tears of happiness SJ. I am so so so so happy I read this post now, changed my mood immediately. I want to give a huge hug to M 🙂 Advance birthday wishes to the little bundle of joy 🙂

  5. liliputs says:

    Awwwwwww happy birthday lil champ and I am so so proud of u 🙂 keep the good job going and I want every one in the world to love u and praise u:) u guys are equally blessed with each other Sj 🙂 touchwood this small nest be happy and blessed 🙂 on happier note there may be a lil one soon M 🙂 jumpy jumpy on that 🙂

  6. How adorable. 🙂 Belated but happy wishes to you M. Wish you love amd health, always..

  7. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks DOR ! I’m sure you are going to have amazing memories with your terrific two darlings !

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