A custom comes handy !

We moved house. Every time we move house , I follow the custom my mom once suggested to keep 5 cups filled with Sugar, Salt , Water, Dhal and Rice in front of God’ s photos before boiling milk (Pal Kachal) at the new venue, before moving in.

Friends who helped us in moving found it weird that I’m still following such customs, why J would anytime think the same.  I am old school, maybe. But, he just lets me do it because I simply want to do it. He lets me move house when I check an auspicious day and express my desire to do it at a certain time. Wether he believes it or not he just lets me have my way. 


Now, after we moved in. We hardly had the time to unpack all our boxes with both of us working full time and M around. House was chaos. One working day morning , I was using the utensils available to cook a quick lunch. Kerrai Kootu (Spinach with dhal) and sadam (Rice) with a fried egg. I was in such a hurry that I just couldn’t find the paachi paruppu(broken green gram) for the Keerai kootu. One look at the Kitchen counter where I’d placed the offerings as per the custom, came just handy at the right moment of time and saved me the time consuming trouble of opening n number of boxes to have looked for the same dhal. 

Was this the hidden intention behind the custom, I do not know. Yes, it served me the purpose of finding salt and the dhal handy when I so desperately needed them in a yet to be organised kitchen.

Do most of all our customs, have practical uses and meanings. I wonder. 

PS : We moved home on the 29th June and have almost settled well into our new house now 🙂



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2 Responses to A custom comes handy !

  1. greenboochi says:

    I remember my MIL doing the same custom when we S and I started our life together in the first home. There must surely be reasons why we are doing all these customs. I follow most of the customs my parents or ILs tell me, I dont know why I am inclined to them but I do them anyway – there is some peace in doing it the way elders teach you.

    Hope all is well now 🙂

  2. sjscribbles says:

    Totally agree GP, may be I do it for the peace of mind too. In this modern world we have n number of reasons to argue that all these customs can be a load of rubbish, but I think it takes only one reason to follow them and that should be “peace of mind”.
    Yes, we have settled in – after weekends of arranging and unpacking. Thanks GB

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