Baby Girls in a Wicked World !

The below was being shared on Facebook : Written presumably by a doctor : Worth reading in the present context.

It was yet another ‘labour call’ in the operation theatre. It had been such a busy day and I didn’t walk up those stairs without cribbing. I always see one young man anxiously prancing the corridor who undoubtedly is the to-be father. Those screams of labour pains clouted my brain further. I got the incubator and resuscitation equipment ready as per protocol, although I knew how rarely I needed to use it. I wore my gloves to accept the baby from the Obstetrician. I saw the head, then came the trunk, legs and there she was, limp and not crying. I rushed her to warmth, wiping her frantically. All the doctors inside stopped talking. She was turning blue and my heart was racing. For those few moments it was all reflexes, suctioning the mouth and nose, flicking her feet, starting the oxygen, and I could hear me telling myself that she will make it. And then she cried. So loud that her mother in the next room giggled. I took a deep breath. I wiped her eyes. I would always do that, smile and say “Welcome to the world” to all newborns. After all I am the first person they see. I realised how corny my ‘welcome’ sounded each time by the nurses’ giving me stares, but they’d eventually smile and get used to it. For the first time today, I couldn’t smile. I couldn’t say it. She had fought the clutches of death to breathe. For what? What was I welcoming her to?!

War. Rapes. Murders. Greed. Enemity. A world I was feeling embarassed I was born into. I frowned as I was carrying her to the door. I wished I could tell her about the day’s headlines, every page of the newspaper I just read, the heated argument two friends were having on a facebook thread on who’s war they supported. I opened the door and called the family. She blinked as she saw her father. His expression had changed to confusion. There were so many emotions running through him that he seemed to not know how to react. Everyone burst into smiles as he held her. His mother exclaimed “Look! Lakshmi has come to our house. Our Goddess has arrived.” She then grasped his finger tightly. And he laughed with joy. The world had suddenly changed. There was happiness, hope, love, security and a future. I smiled with them. I asked him to welcome her to our beautiful world as he kissed her. As I took her back, I looked into her eyes. She had made us all forget the wrongs around us. I was glad she fought her way through. I loved the world again and I wished more people could feel and see the hope I saw through her!!!

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7 Responses to Baby Girls in a Wicked World !

  1. greenboochi says:

    I have tears in my eyes. Brilliant write-up. Thanks for sharing SJ.

  2. Bikramjit says:

    Thank you for sharing .. its a horrific sad world.. but on the other hand, did you know that in USA people want more of daughters, There was this interview with a clinic who specialise in doing some sort of manipulation so you can have the gender of your child PRE-Booked ..

    and this doctor said that they are getting requests 90% people want a daughter..

  3. What a beautiful story. I hope its true. I hope there is a family somewhere really meaning that the goddess has come home. And If only everyone meant that… 😦

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