Bringing up (Indian) sons !

It was half past 5 in the morning, cold water ran through my fingers as I did the dishes. While two sons slept oblivious to the fact that another human was wide awake and working on the chores that would help their day have a smooth run. Both were cozied up in their blankets and the warmth of their beds enjoying the comforts that came with being born boys in the Indian culture. One, already brought up in the Indian culture of pampering sons and the other waiting to be brought up in the same muddle (which I will nip at the bud and makes sure he grows to help his wife with the mundane house chores)

Dishes were just one of the tasks at hand in the morning routine that had to be completed before packing lunches for the three of us, waking the child and putting him through the morning routine, ironing his uniform and jumping in for my bath and getting ready to get to work at 8.00 am.

How nice it would be if we co-ordinated and shared tasks, a win-win situation for everyone.

Not a perfect morning to have a “Eurekha” moment , yet I had one. Why not write a book on the same topic !

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12 Responses to Bringing up (Indian) sons !

  1. Hugs dear !! I am sure this needs to be changed..

    like this add

    • sjscribbles says:

      There is desperate call for things to change , LF. I wish the next generation sees a change in mentality.
      I didn’t watch these adds until yesterday. They are just simple and revolutionary , had a good laugh. Specially, the Havells Chutney Add and the Juicer Add and then the coffee maker add. Hats off to the add makers !!!
      Why not we see each other as fellow humans with hearts and souls – rather than orientation of physical body parts aka,. genders !

  2. Bikramjit says:

    Hmmm well when i was a young kid , we had a chart in the house amd we had tasks written over there .. I was to wash the dishes every Friday and Wednesday .. and if i did not my father would not let my mom wash them .. they wud remain there and next day when food was served I was asked to get the dishes that are unwashed to use for myself .. I had ot wash them then ..

    I felt bad then but now I thank my parents because comeing to a new country on my own had to do it all myself …

    start them young πŸ™‚ little things

    • Bikramjit says:

      and i do think we in india spoil our sons .. I was pampered as I was the only male child in a big family BUT I knew that if i do anything wrong my grand-pa’s or my fathers BIG BIG DHAI KILO HANDS will meet the lovely cute cheeks i had πŸ™‚

      • sjscribbles says:

        LOL ! Dhai kilo hands meeting your chubby cheeks ! can imagine !!!

        Seriously, Bikram, I really appreciate the fact that your parents put you through that routine. It is life skills – worthy for every living human to learn them. Not just females.

        I really appreciate you for you thinking as well, in comparison to the typical Indian male mentality. Kudos to you – Bikram !!!

  3. chipmunk says:

    do show my post to m’s dad. . i am so proud about your idea of bringing up M πŸ™‚ sleep a day leaving these guys behind,and put a word as to help you so that you may not feel down in future time πŸ˜‰ a small drama for all good s fine . . cheer up dear. things ll change soon. .

  4. shaktii says:

    Hmmm that’s called typical indian men mentality…and that happened due to our moms and grandmas even today pampering their son in laws and grand son in laws respectively…I don’t think we can change their generation and bring the change in our husbands..but we have a choice of changing our sons right from the birth and one day asking him to prepare coffee for his sister…god bless we can make it…

    • sjscribbles says:

      I am sure we can, Shakti ! I am thanking GOD for giving me a male child so I can train him to treat the woman as a woman and not a kitchen appliance.

      I am hoping if at all I have a second child, I want to have another BOY child, so I can rescue two girls in the future (my daughter in laws) from male chauvinism πŸ™‚

  5. greenboochi says:

    Hugs SJ. I am glad you have resolved your mind about how you want to raise M. Your future dil will have enough to thank you all through her life.

    With S, he doesnt have lift his little finger to get done with his work. His mom hands him water in hand and even takes the glass back. When we started our life together, I realized that if he was brought up that way, mine was no different too. Yet, why should I end up doing 90% of the house hold tasks? Thankfully without me discussing that stuff, he understood – else hell would have broke loose.

    Still, my MIL thinks her son is enjoying all comforts here as well – or that is expected of me. I let her think so.

  6. sjscribbles says:

    Hugs back GB !!! I would not want my daughter in law to bear the burn of Male Chauvinism of our culture GB. I am proud that my little boy prefers helping me in the kitchen from now on as compared to watching TV. I will bring him up on the same lines such that he feels responsible in his own home in running the day to day chores.

    I do not blame J (not entirely) of course, but his upbringing and laziness and work tensions play a part as well.

    I am glad S understood – Good for you and Him ! Appreciate him ! You too !

    If you had continued to spoon feed him at the beginning of your wedding, while you were in cloud 9, you would end up in the same state as I am in.

    SJ bangs head !!!


  7. Hugs SJ. I know what you will really like now, is a change. And going forward you would need that. Because you wont just have the energy. Have a talk please. That will help, maybe?

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