The demise of a 29 year old , smiling, loving and passionate young mother had upset all of my family. It’s her 40th day tomorrow, there will be a eucharistic mass held in her memory. The co-incidence is that her 40th day falls exactly on the day she was married – her wedding anniversary. I do not know how to express the feelings of her husband. They were married for 4 years. A loving couple. The very thought of the 1.4 month baby girl haunts me.

My Brother in law, goes to the cemetery most often remembering her and I once heard from my sister that he went on the next morning of the night that it rained in Bangalore. He fondly remembered that his sister hated baths when she was young and now she would be soaked under the burial sand in the rains.

I also heard from my sister that her hubby cries embracing her clothes from her cupboard. I will not be too long, that her little girl will grow up and start looking out for her dear mother.

I also realise that it has been 40 days since I posted on my blog. My last post was announcing her heavenly abode.

May her soul rest in peace and always be on a watch out for her darling daughter.

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4 Responses to Andrea.

  1. greenboochi says:

    I have been staring at this comment box for a long time, thinking what do I type or how do I type. Some feelings cant be expressed by words. I am deeply saddened SJ. My hugs and prayers for the family members. Its tough time. Hugs again.

  2. Its extremely painful time. I just pray to give strength to all the family members to handle this tough phase of life. It’s never going to be the same, it’s just getting used to it. I feel terribly sorry for the young child who deserves all that motherly love .

  3. Mothers never leave their little ones SJ. I am sure she is watching over. Hugs. May GOD give you all strength to cope up with the loss.

  4. magic says:

    I don’t know what should I say or write…. Hope god gives all the strength to the family… And may her soul rest in peace….and m sure she is and will always watch over her little one

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