Something that tore my soul.

We come across many people, many events, many occasions and several news from all corners of the world every single day. Some news you hear and you feel sorry for. Some news you hear and you empathise with. Rarely do we hear something that hurts the soul and I am struggling with a news that’s pricking my soul for quiet sometime now.

My brother-in-law’s younger sister is 29 years old. She got married 4 years ago to this wonderful person she fell in love with. She has been my sister’s best buddy ever since my sister was married into their family. She is a very nice person. Her jokes are endless and her smiles always adorn her face.

As what life does, she had her own ups and downs. She underwent a miscarriage and after a brief longing was blessed with a  baby girl who is a living doll. 4 months after the birth of her child, tragedy struck. She fainted during one of the Logo’s Retreat Centre Prayer meetings.

On checkup’s it was revealed that she was suffering from cancer that had spread to her brain, lungs, breast and now her spinal cord. It is almost a year after her diagnosis. She has been battling chemo’s and radiation therapies with the hope of living for her precious daughter. The demon of cancer has been living in her secretly without showing any kind of a symptom.

Alas, it’s too late now. As doc’s call it the palliative care – She is said to be on her death bed. No medical intervention is to bring her out of her illness. She has enough number of relatives and friends around her. She has lost hopes. Please pray for her if you possible can. I generally do not reveal names on my blog – but her name is worth a mention just for your prayers. Her name is Rachel Andrea.

What tore my heart is the fact that her husband has stood by her through all odds. The gem of a person he is has mentioned ” You, will be alright – doll ” to a bed ridden, diaper clad wife. She has lost all sensitivities bottom down. One of her hands have given up. Her mouth no longer holds food and she has lost control of her body, except may be her tears.

What tore my soul is the fact that her little toddler walks up to her bed and calls out.. ..”amma” “amma” the words that every mother longs to hear, as she sleeps unconscious and oblivious of her own little angel’s voice.

No one should undergo what this mother has endured. Life’s realities can be so harsh.

Please Pray.



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28 Responses to Something that tore my soul.

  1. Titaxy says:

    my prayers and thoughts are with her. I can’t even begin to imagine what everyone must be going through. Hugs. sending all big positive wishes your way.

  2. Ohh. This is so sad. I can imagine how hard it must be for you to Rachel personally and the little girl. Kudos to you all for standing by her side. I hope she will recover, for the sake of her daughter. Hugs SJ. Stay strong.

    • sjscribbles says:

      DOR, Andrea is in Bangalore. Living thousands of miles away from home, is not even giving me the opportunity to visit her. Which makes it worse just listening to the ordeal.
      My sister has done all that she can and has stood by her bedside, changing her diapers. My sister says that it’s hell to see your loved one in such a horrific state.

      We all wish and pray that a miracle happens and the little baby gets to see her mom as she grows up.

  3. God bless the family. My prayers to her.

  4. freakyveggie says:

    Its tough to even imagine what the family is going through, hope she recovers from this….

  5. It’s heartbreaking to see your loved ones going through such pain. I do believe in miracles. Sending loads of good wishes on her way . Will do remember her in my prayers.

  6. greenboochi says:

    My tears are so less compared to what she is undergoing. Why is life so cruel?! I dont understand all this. Its like life is going as happy as it could be and then, there is a major fall.

    I am having with rows with God, but then again who else can we turn into in times like this. I will keep her in my prayers.

    • sjscribbles says:

      Prayers ware much required GB.

      Anything can happen anytime of our lives GB. Instances such as these are reminders that me must value every bit of our lives GB.

  7. chipmunk says:

    She will be alright dear!! at least for her lil star… I couldn’t withstand what she is going through.. will surely keep her in my prayers..

  8. paatiamma says:

    My heart goes out to this nice lady..and the little one as well..Proves enough that life is too unpredictable! Prayers !!

  9. Sincerely hoping that miracle happens in Rachel’s life and she starts recovering sooooon..Hugs Hugs to you, girl..Cant imagine how hard it must be for the family who are seeing her and undergoing this trauma alongside her..

  10. D says:

    Thanks to all who are praying for my Sister in law, i have tears rolling down my eyes when i type these words… yes she is struggling a lot and there are and can be no words to explain the trauma that all of us including her are experiencing… Her little baby gal is 1.4 years now, and she is such an angel, so adaptive and so affectionate, there is only one thing my sister in law tells everyone who come to visit her is ” please pray so that i live for my baby”, our heart breaks listening to these words, she pleads with the doctors to give her life..


    Thanks to all again..

    SJ’s sister D..

  11. Jazz says:

    OMG how cruel can life be sometimes 😦 😦 my prayers with the Rachel and her family, stay strong and believe in God..

  12. shaktii says:

    Let god cure her soon!! My prayers are with her…samastha Loka sukino bavanthu!!

  13. Lots of prayers SJ.. Hugs. I really don’t know what to say :,(

  14. I am so sad to read this post.I will pray for her and her family.

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