“Nothing” Starts Early !

M and I are walking hand in hand , getting back home after school pickup.

Generally, the conversation goes like –

Mummy ,Look I found a stick.

Mummy, Wait I want to see the clouds moving….

Mummy, Can I jump in the water puddle ?

Mummy, Do you know – Jupiter is the biggest planet !

Mummy, I got punished today because I kept talking so much in class, even after the teacher warned me.

But, this time it was different. There was an awkward silence. M walked silently seemingly in deep thought.

I curiously asked.

M , What are you thinking about ?

M promptly replied ” NOTHING” as if disturbed from deep thought.

I instantly remembered a video a friend had played , when he visited our home.

It’s a video about how the mens and women’s brains work.

Watch it !

The “Nothing Box” seems embedded in the guys mind from birth , I guess 🙂

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