Dust Bin Dilemma :-(

When in Singapore disposing garbage was a simple task. There were rubbish chutes inside most HDB households. Rubbish Chutes are those channels below the sink area in the kitchen, that allow residents to just open them and hurl the garbage into them. The garbage from all the vertical homes get collected in big bins on the ground floor. These big bins are cleared every morning by the assigned recycling company. With a good system in place, it was easy for residents to dispose daily garbage instantly and in the convenience of their homes.

Of course, their were also these huge blue recycling bins below blocks. Where in recyclable items such as clothes, news paper, glass etc can be disposed off.

We were taken by surprise when we landed in Cambridge, UK. The system here is such that every home is assigned with 3 huge bins – Green (Kitchen de-composables and garden waste) , Blue (Paper and glass and recyclables ), Black ( For things that cannot be disposed off in the Green and Blue bins). We have to keep filling them in until every fortnight the bins have to be dragged to the roadside, where they would get cleared off.  Clearance once in a fortnight – surprised us. Imagine the kitchen waste, sitting in the bin for two weeks. Thank fully, the bins are far away from home , near the garage. This system seemed a hassle as compared to the convenient one in Singapore. That too , for an inconsistent , irresponsible lazy bones like me.

The bins have to be dragged out from near the garage, across an electronic gate. Owing to bone freezing temperatures combined with my laziness, I missed placing the green bin two weeks ago ;-P. Mind you, the green bins have kitchen waste and day to day garbage. Our green bin slowly began overflowing. J took notice and teased me , stating how irresponsible I was and how ashamed he was of both me and the sight of the overflowing bin which had the garbage bags peeping out. I was embarrased enough.  I was waiting hard for the day when it was the green bin’s turn and it was today. I dragged the green bin with all my might and placed it by the road side to have it cleared. I was desperate enough.

I was taken aback by surprise when in the afternoon I see the Green bin , not cleared. I frantically opened other green bins and found solace to find that a few of them haven’t been cleared yet. I got back home and called the council to ask them if there was any specific reason that a few selective bins had not been cleared, while the others were. They apologised for missing clearance of the few bins and re-scheduled clearance on Monday:-(

Should this happen exactly the same week that I was desperate to get the bin cleared ? Should this happen exactly when I missed the previous clearance of the bin ? Should this happen at the time J noticed my irresponsibility ? Most times , he is too busy engrossed in being the bread winner that he doesn’t notice such things at home. By the way, Have you seen Murphy anywhere ?   Murphy ! where are you ?

Bhooo…S – Cries out aloud !!!  Wonder what I’m going to hear from J, when he returns back from work and hears of what happened.

I’m 32 and when am I going to change for the better ?  A Million Dollar Question !!!

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2 Responses to Dust Bin Dilemma :-(

  1. It’s system here in Australia as well. We have to drag the bins to the end of our drive way and the truck comes and collect it once a week, for us its Wednesday and if we forget to keep the bins out Tuesday night then we have to wait till next Wednesday. I know its so disturbing to keep waiting till next week, in your case 15 days..

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