Technical Writing : My revived interest.

I started my career in the Technical Authoring field, though that was not the designated title. I started with Cypress Semiconductors, Bangalore in 2004 as an Applications Engineer. Documentation was one of my core responsibilities and I enjoyed it. After which my career path traversed more technical arenas through Board design, System support, Customer Support. I actually call my career path a Chow -Chow Bath.

The interest in Technical Authoring made me influence my sis to do a course in the same, my heart swells with pride to see her as an accomplished Technical Writer today.

I was looking out for jobs in Cambridge and this field caught my attention. I would want to pursue it, though I will have to upgrade myself to the latest tools they use in the field today.

This is what I wrote to an experienced Technical Author who works as a consultant , She has asked me to meet her on monday. I hope she provides me with the opportunity to re-enter the world of Technical Authoring.

Dear JM, 

I would like to introduce myself. I’m SJ. Moved to Cambridge,UK 6 months ago from Singapore. I am passionately interested in developing a career in the Technical Writing Field.
I am impressed by your experience in the Technical Writing Field. You have worked for ARM and CSR and that inspires me.  
1. I’ve a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications from an Indian University. 
2. I have work experience in the Semiconductor Industry as an Applications Engineer and Senior Systems Engineer both in Singapore and India. My most recent job has been working as a Technical Support Engineer for EPSON printers in Singapore. 
3. During the inception of my career, I had a brief stint – working on Data-sheets, Technical and Knowledge based Articles and Application Notes for Cypress Semiconductors. 
4. I had worked with Frame Maker, Illustrator . After which, my career took different directions more on the Technical and Customer support portfolio. 
5. It is also worthwhile to say that, I had authored a technical article on Automotive Image Sensors which was published in an Japanese Electronic Journal back in 2006.
6. I had taken a break due to child birth and child care. During which my career had taken a back seat. 
7. With my child being 5 years now – I feel it is the right time to get back to the workforce and I feel inclined to the Technical Authoring field.
8. I would like to train myself in all aspects of Technical Writing – Tools and Techniques.  
Please help guide me. 
1. I am willing to work/volunteer as an intern with you on any of your projects for experience and mentoring. Please advice. 
2. Kindly suggest tools training in Cambridge area, that i can under take to develop my skills.
I researched through ISTC website and discovered courses with Armada, unfortunately I may not be able to attend the courses in Birmingham. 
Thanks for your time. Your help will be greatly valued in re-starting my career path.
There was a 200 word free writing comprehension as a part of the written test which she requested to me to submit before meeting her. This is what I wrote.

Technical writing has been my passion. Technical writing involves two competencies. The first is the ability to understand technical concepts, which I have mastered through my years of experience in the electronic and semiconductor industry. Second, is the ability to express the understood concepts in a clear, concise and coherent manner. My mastering of the latter competency, is achieved by my interest in the english language. 

Coming from an engineering background, I am equipped with being detail oriented and information seeking. Communicating the understood technical information clearly and effectively is acquired over experience with much practise and hard-work. 

The challenge for technical writers in the corporate industry is to communicate technical knowledge to audiences that are from less technical backgrounds. With customer support being the main target of corporates, working on user manuals, application notes, knowledge based articles, FAQ’s and other supporting documentation that will help customers , becomes the core responsibility of the technical writers. Writing for non technical customers can be achieved by simplifying complex information and presenting it in a way that everyone can understand, with minimum effort. 

The success of the corporate lies in the effective usage of their products with ease, by their customers. Documentation offered by the company to support their products becomes most essential, from the customers perspective. This extremely important responsibility lies in the work of the Technical Authors. Their documentation speaks on behalf of the different departments, whose collective effort has been responsible for the successful release of the company’s product. Ultimately, the work of the technical authors speaks for the company.

I am hoping that this will mark the beginning of a new career path. Please wish me a tiny bit of luck.

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2 Responses to Technical Writing : My revived interest.

  1. This is my first visit in this space … Best of luck …..hope you get good news ….

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