M – Vocabulary and Church behaviour.

M turned 5 years last October and I would guess that commemorates my little kid transforming into a Little BOY 🙂

The little boy he is transformed into is so much FUN to be around.

Vocabulary : M’s vocabulary has developed immensely. His choice of words really really surprises us. The other day M was playing “Row Row Row your boat ” He made me sit next to him on the carpet and pretend if we were rowing the boat singing the rhyme. I stopped rowing for a minute and he says  “Mommy, don’t stop paddling , We’ll sink ” .

Another day I was in the kitchen putting things off , it was his bed time and he was waiting in his bed room for me to read his bed time story – He shouts out ” Mommy, you are supposed to put me to sleep, what are you fiddling with in the kitchen ( I quote him exactly ).

He uses words like unclenched, misunderstood, ( ohhh…my memory is getting bad to worse…I forgot some of the words he uses that really surprises us)

His vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds – I wonder if it is because of the number of stories i read to him. I keep borrowing library books and read them to him. I recommend reading to kids whatever age, to all mothers who are reading this blog. It really does wonders.

Punishment for being rude: Sometimes when I lose my temper or say something rude. M immediately corrects me by saying that I deserve a punishment for being rude. That immediately makes me smile. He generally gives J and Me punishment, being 10 days no iPad or laptop. It’s really cute to hear those words from him. He has really become the moral police at home.

Prayers and Faith : Whenever M sees candles lit in front of Mother Mary’s statue, he starts praying – He says Our Father in heaven (clear and precise) . He says Hail mary full of grace…gracefully. We are trying to imbibe catholic values in him as much as we can, I still remember the oath we took as parents holding candles on his baptism day stating we promise to bring him up in the catholic faith. We are trying to attend mass as regularly as we can on Sundays. M has learned to be quiet in the church. He keeps asking us when the mass will finish though 🙂

I take him along with me to receive Holy Communion and the priest blesses all the little kids who accompany their parents. M innocently asked me if it was BREAD ? and Why they don’t give it to him ? At the church altar as soon as I receive Holy Communion – He asks me aloud ” How does it taste like ? “How does it taste like ??? much to the amusement of all the people around.

It reminds me of an incident from my childhood – My sister is 4 years younger to me, so when she was 3 odd years or so, I was 7 and so I pretty much remember. My mom used to carry her while mom went to receive Holy Communion at mass. As soon as mom received Holy Communion, my sister used to cry out loud and throw a tantrum and literally try to open my mom’s mouth with her fists and attract all the attention of the praying people in church. It was such a funny sight still in my mind. By the time my mom reaches her seat on the bench, the Holy Communion she received would have mostly melted in her mouth. My mom used to show her an empty mouth which ever the more loudened her cries….untill she had to be hurriedly carried out of the church. I’m glad , M’s behaviour is far better at Church :). Sis if you are reading this and don’t believe it – ask Mom , ok ?

I would really wait for the day I see M as an Altar boy in mass. I would feel blessed.

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2 Responses to M – Vocabulary and Church behaviour.

  1. So impressed with the words M uses. He is having fun growing up, learning new things.:)

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