Breaking the bloggers block !

For no valid reason, i’d just stopped writing. Here’s to reversing it. 

* M’s doing good. He’s a “Snow Flake” in his School Christmas play. I’m sourcing for white t-shirt and white tights for the “Snow Flake”. Curious to know what his dialoques were , I asked him about his “Play” at school for which the brat replied ” yes, I play whenever I want – I play with toys and I also play with my friends”. All that I did was burst out laughing at his childish ignorance of the English language complexities.

* M has started speaking a few sentences in the British Accent – “We are going out, Aren’t we ? ” he asked in style and posh – rolling in the R’s and posing a wavery accent 😉

* My left big toe joint was swollen for no reason last week, the pain was so terrible that the weight of the blanket on my feet seemed a burden. I visited the clinic with an emergency appointment and went through a blood test. Blood test results have declared that the C reactive Protein and Pottasium content is higher than normal range. A Doc is scheduled to call me and discuss the result on Friday. Crossing my fingers though my toe joint is back to normal with the anti inflamation medications.

* It’s my Mom’s B’day today. Dad took my Mom on a special date and bought her Sarees. Mom n dad had dinner with Sis’s family at a Restuarant. I’ m missing Bangalore and Family.

* J’s undergoing mid life crisis, he seems to need re-assurance and wants change his carreer path. His mind is so confused that even if he jumps into a jungle safari suit tomorrow morning and drives off to feed the lions in the african plains, I would be least surprised. 

* My boredom has got the better of me. I’m volunteering at a local church 3 times a week 9-12 to assist with tasks. I’m sure it’s going to be an enriching experience soothing my nerves with meeting people and interacting. 

Take Care….


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2 Responses to Breaking the bloggers block !

  1. Hope toe thing is resolved now. Aargh! Mid life crisis…Been there….Its crazy…Stay strong.

  2. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks DOR , Yes, Indeed the toe issue is resolved. Mid Life crisis – I think I managed to kick it’s butt 🙂 He he he ….

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