Feeling low :(

I was down with fever…but I physically recovered quicker than I mentally did…

There are some days in everyone’s life where the mind is confused and tries to sort itself…and then it gets more confused and entangled. It later sorts itself out, just to get confused again ! Yaa, My mind is in that phase right now !

Judging and re-judging our move to Cambridge from Singapore, My Career – which is an all in all chow chow bath, My boredom, though there are a million tasks pending to be done at home,  Feeling depressed, Lazy, Confused , Upset, All time in Self-Critical Mode, breaking my head over what to cook today ? –  All at once !!!

In this phase – what’s best to be done is STAY CALM and let things sort themselves ! That’s exactly what I’ve figured out for myself…..

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4 Responses to Feeling low :(

  1. You know that this is just a phase and you will get through. It will be fine. Hugs. 🙂

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