Happy 35th Birthday J !

It was J’s Birthday last Saturday – 28th Sep !

I was so busy tackling M’s health last week, that I just found the time to write this blog.

This is not going to be the the same plain Happy Birthday blog I typed last year. This is a well thought out letter that was handwritten a year ago and given to J this year for his B’day (am afraid I would loose that piece of paper and decided to press those words here on the blog)

Dear J,

Happy Birthday !!!

I always tell you that I admire you and love you for many reasons and here they are :

1. For being the most responsible Son to your parents/Brother to your sisters , I have ever known. For fulfilling your family commitments – which meant getting 3 of your sisters married and taking care of their first deliveries at their parents home, for helping your parents do their part. You are an amazing brother and an affectionate son – Very rare to find. I love you for you being this !

2. For being a responsible and caring family man – for being a dedicated worker – Working hard and planning smart. Your thoughtful financial planning will keep our tiny little nest safe and secure. Β I admire you for this andΒ I trust our future into your hands!

3. For being the husband, who lets his wife be who she is ! For allowing me to work just because I would want to…for putting up with a messy home while I spend my hours at work …for eating whatever I cook without complaining and considering the effort I put into fixing our meals !

4. For having our child ‘M’ – for making me a mom ! Love you forever !

5. For travelling and tagging me along wherever you would want to travel ! Bombay, Bintan, KL, Genting Highlands, Malacca, Desaru, Port Dickson, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Cambridgeshire and the list surely will go on…I consider myself lucky to have married you πŸ˜‰

6. For being the patient Dad to M, For wanting him to be a good person at heart as compared to being an academic genius when he grows up…for the values you are instilling in him…Love you lots !

7. For giving me a Home – My Home – Our Home ! away from the interferences of other close family members, for giving us a chance to live life just the way we want to, for not having to adjust to the teeny weeny issues that would have cropped up if we stayed under the same room with close family – yaa I meant my in-laws…Thanks so much for that !

8. For being gentle xx xxx xxx (censored :))

9. For taking us back to Bangalore …Back to family …so that we enjoy x’mas , baptisms and weddings and special occasions with parents and siblings ! Thanks so much !

10. For being Fun-loving, Mature, Sensible and for loving me and bearing with me for 7+ years and for sharing your life with me !

I love you !

Happy Happy Birthday !

Thanks for coming into my LIFE and sweeping me off my feet …I’m still floating πŸ™‚

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9 Responses to Happy 35th Birthday J !

  1. Jazz says:

    Aww that was such a sweet letter, I’m sure he must be cherishing it.. Happy happy birthday and hope you had a great day πŸ™‚ what did little M do πŸ˜‰

  2. sahasra says:

    Happy Birthday J.

  3. D says:

    muaaaah.. love you S for writing this wonderful letter to J, can feel what you feel for J with the words .. πŸ™‚ Love ul all … πŸ™‚

  4. Sweet letter S. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to J…

  5. Belated Happy birthday to J and that was one sweet letter S πŸ™‚

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