Cheers to New Beginnings – First post from Cambridgeshire, UK

Cheers to the first post from the new country !!!

We landed on the 15th of June and were welcomed by a pouring downpour en-route the Heathrow Airport to Cambridgeshire. It’s a 1 hour 40 minutes long drive through the meadows.

We are currently accommodated at the company serviced apartment that is very close to the City Centre. The one thing that is very obvious about Cambridge are the huge number of Colleges, Universities and Churches. It’s the summer season here and it’s a beautiful sight to see flowers in full bloom. Roses seem to love the place they grow here in multitude making the place more beautiful.

We got down to work as soon as we arrived, J started work on the 17th and is already assigned his project that needs to get done by December and that makes him very busy.

We booked appointments with the real-estate, looked at a few houses and settled down on one home which is at a 30 min drive from J’s office. M and me went school visiting and visited 4 schools in the neighbourhood of the home. M’s application to Reception is hopefully submitted today and we will have to wait for the council to assign a school out of the preferences of schools we provide.

J’s busy at work and that leaves M and me at home. My schedule starts with early morning cooking and packing of the lunch dabba for J followed by an entire day left just M and me. We are on the phone with friends and family and spend our time with cartoons and books.

We look forward to moving to our rental home, un-packing the huge boxes arriving from Singapore and settling down , M starting school and me finding a job and starting one…..phew..a lot more to go and ….

….after which we can breathe easy , hopefully !!!

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One Response to Cheers to New Beginnings – First post from Cambridgeshire, UK

  1. Good to hear SJ , I am glad to hear you are greeting settled at new country 🙂

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