Last post from Block 619, Hougang Avenue 8 :(

This will be my very last post from Hougang Avenue 8, Block 619.

I came to this home carrying a 4 month old baby M on Feb 19 2009, it has indeed been a long journey of 4 + years. For M this has been his home, even during our Bangalore visits he has always wanted to get back home and that is to this home 🙂

Every coin has two sides and living in this home has’nt always been a smooth sailing, we became pauper when we bought this house to the extent that we were waiting for j’s next months pay cheque , M had his surgery as a toddler in this home which was the most devastating experience.

Sentiments apart, this home has been a sapacious 2 bedroom apartment for a family of three. The system in Singapore is so good that the was never once a power cut or water shortage or a lift breakdown ever.

We’ve had good neighbours the first was a Malay aunty to used to give me tips with handling and taking care of baby M but she was here only untill M was 1.5 years old, then came a family from Chennai , husband, wife and daughter. They have been ever so caring and loving (minus 2 years)

I switched jobs multiple times owing to family commitments.

There are too many a things to be learnt from this home:

1. How not to keep the home messy is one valuable lesson that this house has taught me, how to de-clutter regularly and avoid accumulation of unwated stuff at home, the thumb rule that i’ve learnt to follow was “if some thing was untouched or unsed for more than 6 months then it needs to be disposed away “

2. How not to fight over petty issues and spoil your relationship with the spouse, this has happened a couple of times when things have got worse over petty issues. The immatirity combined with lots of ego peeps out of our adult selfs a few times and then we realise, we are yet to grow up.

3. How not to be stern with your child, i’ve learnt that a tactical approach in handling M was more effective then being a strict hitler.

4. I’ve learnt to imporve on my cooking skills with a lot of trial and error in this home 🙂

5. How to balance work and home – was one important thing that i learned while at this home.

Well , having said all that was on my mind for now, its time now to get to packing of the suitcases and bidding goodbye to Block 619, Hougang Avenue 8 !

Leaving Singapore for Bangalore tonight !

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2 Responses to Last post from Block 619, Hougang Avenue 8 :(

  1. D says:

    A really awesome memorable home dear S.. the memories will never fade. Waiting for you @ B’lore!

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