Bye Bye Mintu !!!

On May 09th our Mintu had to be given away, it was emotional – with M shouting bye bye Mintu and kissing it several times before it was driven away !

ImageMintu became ours in October 2010 – M was barely 2 years old then. Mintu has been our loyal family member accompanying us on all our road trips. M named him Mintu and the name stuck on.

Mintu is a OPC(Off Peak Car) with a red board, it is a category of cars in Singapore that can be driven only from 7am to 7pm on weekdays and on weekends and on eve/public holidays only. It is one of the strategies followed by the Singapore govt to control the number of cars on road and at the same time satisfy the cravings of those who want to have a car in possession without paying a bomb for a regular car in the form of COE (Certificate of Entitlement)

Our last jolly ride on Mintu before he was given away was to the same church we had driven him on our first jolly ride  ” Our Lady of Nativity”

Worth mentioning is an incident that could’ve been a accident on our way to Jurong and we had a narrow escape.

Below is an excerpt from my private blog – I wrote the below in October 2010, when Mintu just arrived, The picture was taken when Mintu just arrived right before M’s 2nd birthday celebration. I remember J driving to Thalapakattu Biryani @ little India to hand carry the ordered biryani for the guests invited for M’s second birthday. Here goes…

” It was a moment unforgettable !

I carried M downstairs with the basic flowers and a rosary after i received a call from my Super hero….It was a Kodak moment to see my Super hero standing along side the car with a big smile on his face. I could relate it to a lil boy being gifted a new toy and the joy on his face. The Hugs and Kisses and the Congrats made the moment worth remembering all our life.

Our Hyundai Ascent is here and almost the entire weekend we’ve been on the roads – with lil time to clean n tidy the home. Ohh it’s such a pleasure to own a car.

We headed to Church on our first Jolly ride !

M and I have to be seated behind as he’s very difficult to manage – he wants the Steering Wheel !

My super hero is being cautious over the routes and rules in Singapore and the scarry De-merit points !

Congrats ‘nga !

Even if we own a BMW or a Benz in the future – this second hand OPC Hyundai Accent called Mintu will always remain special in our hearts being our very first car.

Thanks Mintu !!! Thank you for being a part of our family, we’ve explored Singapore with ease because of you !!! We love you !!!

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8 Responses to Bye Bye Mintu !!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    after a long time 🙂 🙂 u are back with a bid 😦 its some what hard to see our most obsessed things to go away 😦 its hard but eh, lots of mintu will be coming back in your way and this one is something special to be cherished :):)

    M darl I love this name 🙂 🙂 will you give a permission to use this name in near future 😀 :p

    • sjscribbles says:

      Hey chip !
      Enjoying with your baby neice ?
      True dear, if not mintu another chintu !
      But Mintu will be special as it was our very first family car (sob sob)

      • chipmunk says:

        she is special 🙂 🙂 🙂 don’t shed tears dear 😦 bid a good farwell and pray mintu must give happiness to others 🙂 🙂 sure mint will be ever cherished one!!!!!! Truly enjoying SJ 🙂 🙂 she is driving us crazy 🙂 🙂

  2. First car is always special isn’t ??

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