Life has been in full swing :)

Ohh how busy, if not my mechanical life has changed. I quit early April, had my in-laws down for 16 days and just after they left we have J’s cousin visiting us afterwhich we are hoping and awaiting and praying for my parents and my sisters family visit.

The trips will be soon followed with packing and shipping of the entire household on the 23 and 25th of May. We are winding up Singapore for now (i’m sure we will get back here in a couple of years and when we do – I will link up this post :)) We are scheduled to leave to Bangalore on the 27th of May.

We will be leaving to UK from Bangalore on the 15 June 2013 and start from the scratch 🙂

It’s been a month since I blogged or even touched my computer, I’m on my toes the entire day and am sleep deprived. I am waiting to have a gala time when my parents and sis’s family arrive which depends on the passport of my BIL and at the mercy of our confused and corrupted passport office system 😦

I must say the in-laws trip went perfectly fine, my in-laws were at their best behavior and we bonded well. They loved Singapore and were sad that we were moving away from Singapore.

I have so many many blogs on my reader which I think I can read after my life is done with the roller coaster ride 🙂

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6 Responses to Life has been in full swing :)

  1. Good to hear, take care and get back to blogging once you settle down..

  2. D says:

    I am desperately waiting for MM’s Passport and its such a disappointment if we dont make it!, God knows best!.. your loving sis D.

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