I knew it was coming – Sooner or later !!!

It stuck today ! Yaa…This Morning….”Skin Color Discrimination”

M is the only Indian in his class with 27 chinese kids, it has been so and he has prefectly blended. M is a favorite among the girls of his class and for heaven sake his teachers do not show even the slightest signs of any discrimination.

This morning after his shower – dressed in uniform he was sitting on the sofa sipping his milk, when he asked me the million dollar question ” Mummy why am I dark – ? ” It stuck me ! A lump in my throat that I struggled to swallow – I knew this was coming sooner or later and here it was !!! That moment !

Skin color is not decided by us, beta ! It’s given by GOD. We are Indians and we tend to have the color that all Indians have. We cannot talk about anyone’s skin color – GOD loves all his children the same way ! I knew I was blabbering, but i tried to make him understand…

His innocent face retaliated ” G said that if the skin color is black then I cannot join his team – only white color skin can join his team” – It is wrong to think that way – M ! Please tell G that we are all GOD’s children..I said

Did you tell your teacher about this – Yes Mummy – I tried, but before I could tell my teacher – My teacher said ” no complaints”. I understand his teachers handling kids the entire day should be enough stress for them.

For 2.5 years M has been a part and parcel of the same class – They have played together, studied together and napped together – but as the kids are growing they began to realize they are different and discrimination has hit these innocent souls. It is sad , indeed !

I’m sure as M’s parents – I cannot change the attitudes and thoughts of other people or their kids – But we should do what best we can to keep M’s mind from being influenced by such thoughts.

Ohh..but wait …Isn’t this a universal problem ! Don’t we face it in our own country ? What can we expect when we live thousands of kilometers away from our own !

But – Alas – Isn’t the world one nation and we are all it’s children !

Aren’t we all one caste – the Human caste ???

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7 Responses to I knew it was coming – Sooner or later !!!

  1. It is so sad any child have to go through this. But you are doing a great job with your child making him understand, skin colour doesn’t determine anything in this world. I like to believe that we are one world nation too and i am scared to think about similar problem I will face in future. I really think the teacher need to know so it doesn’t happen again. tc

  2. I know I am going to get this question too, I liked the way you explained.

    • sjscribbles says:

      It hurt me a bit LF ! But , we should get our kids ready for anything in Life and I put on a brave face at M and told him that there is nothing wrong. We all do face discrimination at some point in our lives even in our very own countries. Better to prepare the little ones to face the same.

  3. R's Mom says:

    Hugs hugs SJ..next time M asks may be you can try the chocolate colour skin thingie..it may work..big hugs

    • sjscribbles says:

      Thats a great idea RM ! Shall try it out, for I’m sure this issue is gonna get back again, now that M is scheduled to hit schools in Cambridgeshire from September.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed with the slightest hope that kids here should not be talking about colour – as I see british kids and afro-british kids mingling with ease.

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