Last Day At Office !

Well it’s 28th March and my last day at office. This is my last post from office 🙂 Yaa , Most of my posts have been written while at office and when I wanted to take a break from hectic work.

  • It’s an air of high emotions – This job provided me with the flexibility and convenience of picking M perfectly on time from the child care.
  • This job had helped me find very good colleagues who are best of friends.
  • This job has given me a Manager – Ms G who is wonderful mentor – both professionally and personally
  • This job has taught me on how to be tactical in life, how to breakdown complex issues and solve them with ease.
  • This job has taught me diplomacy in a good way – I have learnt to protect myself and do things right the way – exactly the way it should be done.

I am going to miss being here – getting to the bus stop – MRT – walking across to office everyday !

Life moves ON…

Change is the only constant !

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6 Responses to Last Day At Office !

  1. Gud luck for future gal !!!

  2. Pepper says:

    Cheers to a new beginning 🙂

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Thank You – Pepper 🙂

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