GOD makes some decisions for us !

Well – The move from Singapore is being planned. Our home has been evaluated. Buyers coming in to peep. We haven’t got someone to sign a deal yet. J’s gotta join his new company by June mid – before which we plan to spend enough and more time with family back in India.

We are moving to Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Spending time with family back in India means we will have to wind things up in Singapore by mid may. That involves – Both our job resignations and wind ups, house/car being sold, Belongings sorted , packed and shipped – Cots and Cupboards inclusive, M’s child care’s notice period and spending time with friends here before winding up Singapore for now.

My job leaving plans were being discussed with my manager G for quiet sometime now. Ms.G was requesting me to spend as much time as possible at work such that she can get a replacement for me and that replacement could be well trained in order to avoid any hiccups. Ms G has been really good to me and I found it difficult to reject her request. So the date of my last working day has been toggling back and forth in my mind. I wanted to spend enough time at home – settling and sorting too.

More so – this home has been very special for me. I walked in here 4 years ago with M being 4 Months old. This home of ours has seen our good and bad enough. J and I have fought a maximum possible in this home, M has thrown enough tantrums, We’d taken enough vacations from this home, Ample guests…Oh..my home deserves a separate post !

Well – getting back to the decision of my last working day – I speculated and speculated until GOD decided enough is enough and now and that HE shall step in to decide when the last working day should be. Beyond the control of my manager or my company – The client I was working for..ohh just say the name  – EPSON decided to back off it’s contract with my company. There goes !

Of course, It doesn’t mean we are laid off – It just means that we have ample other opportunities at hand. EPSON wants us to join them directly as we are in and out familiar with their printers and projectors. My company has other projects running and they’d request us to join any of them – as a relocation.

At this juncture of movement – for me it serves a GOD made – Well planned decision , though unexpected (GOD reveals most plans unexpectedly though :)). It truly does not make sense for me to join EPSON or to join in any other projects offered by my organisation as I very well know that my tenure in Singapore is going to last me not more than 2 months. So, as of March 31st 2013 – I decide to get full time into the role of being a housewife and a mother exclusively ! But of course I shall be J’s personal secretary taking care of his moving plans and moving bag and baggage with him 🙂

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9 Responses to GOD makes some decisions for us !

  1. chipmunk says:

    relocating is one thing I simply love! hey 🙂 happy voyage 🙂 🙂 its nice to hear you travelling to another country 🙂 🙂 happy for you:) 🙂

  2. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks Chipmunk !

    Somehow relocation – gives me jitters in my tummy !

    I should try to enjoy the process as well.

  3. Now this is a news, I know how much you love Singapore. I hope you are happy with this decision to move. I think UK is still closer to home. Eveything will be alright. Hang in and enjoy the time off and spend good time with friends and family. Good luck with the move. I am sure you will have great time now that you are moving there at right time (summer) 🙂

    Now I have someone I can stay with when I visit UK

  4. sjscribbles says:

    Of Course you can count on me if your are in London/Cambridge ! LF !

    Thanks LF ! Yes – I’m in a positive mind frame that everything will fall perfectly in place !

    You are right – We will be there during summer and get accustomed to the future winter months !

    I’m absolutely going to miss Singapore ! For Sure !

    As my sister mentioned – I may be saying the same – “Missing UK so much” when I’m leaving UK one day ! 🙂

  5. Ramya says:

    Not sure if I’ve delurked earlier, but de-lurking again now:) Rightly said, SJ, I believe, God makes most of the decisions for us, I’m in that state too for quite some time now..I’m sure you are enjoying Cambridge now

    • sjscribbles says:

      Hi Ramya, Welcome to my blog 🙂

      GOD does make some decisions for us and these words are so relevant right now in my life too 🙂

      BTW, how do I follow you on your blog – so i keep getting your posts on my reader….Sollunga ???

      I just visited your page and did not see a follow button.

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