My love for Singapore !

I first set foot in this island country while I was on my official trip to the US on Sep 23 2005 to be precise. Before my marriage but after my engagement to J. 

I next set foot after my wedding on my official trip to the Philippines on Apr 06 2006.

J and I moved to Singapore for good from Bangalore on July 01 2007. This country welcomed us with open arms, more so Singapore wasn’t new to us because J moved in here in June 2006 as he was on deputation while I lived with the in-laws but had visited him twice – each trip lasting almost a month.

Singapore had given me both  the freedom and privacy – away from my in-laws. Singapore was my unsaid honeymoon with J. We went around like tourists when I was here visiting  – We were unaware at that point of time that we will move in here for good. Sentosa , Night Safari, Merlion park, Raffles Quay….I remember spending a night at the MRT doors awaiting the dawn as we could not find taxis after a new year bash celebration on the riverside on Jan 01 – 2007. I remember spending an entire night at the movie theaters watching 3 back to back movies which lasted from 6.00pm in the evening to 6 am in the morning….We did all this not knowing we will settle here for good !

Then we moved. It was at the right time and it was the right move ! It was the best time for getting Permanent Residency Approvals – We moved in we settled. I conceived M , We bought a house, I’d been to India for my delivery and got back with M when he was 4 months old. M grew from 4 months to 4 years here in Singapore.

M learnt to crawl, stand, walk and run here. He found great teachers at this child cares. He recognizes the Singapore flag better than any other. M made good friends, M learnt Mandarin. For M Singapore has been his only home and his identity..

We’ve visited 5 countries surrounding here – Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Thailand. We’ve made Singapore our home – We gave in our best by working hard and this country has given us it’s best in return.

I’ve changed 4 jobs in 6 years. We visited India almost 3 times a year – We haven’t missed our families as much. We hadn’t missed important family occasions back in India.

We’d participated in 2 TV Programs with our faces flashing all over this island country, We won competitions that gave us access to National Day Parades, Participated in donation drives, created wonderful memories for ourselves to look back.

We made great friends – friends with whom we chat for long hours – with whom we enjoy spending our time !

The fact that we may move out of here soon to another nation creates a lump in my throat – Yaa it really does !

More information on my blog updates as we inch closer to moving away from this wonderful nation – of course with a hope of getting back as our Permanent Residency has been renewed until the 2018.

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5 Responses to My love for Singapore !

  1. D says:

    Oh this is news to me S …. ALL THE BEST where ever you’ll move S… I know you will make your home… 🙂

  2. shaktii says:

    oh is it..r u leaving spore?? when will u break the suspense S?? iam really curious now he he
    anyways all the best to sad that we never met once even living here..but i appreciate we made blog friends when r u leaving?? hope we can meet b4 that..
    so ur renewed ur PR..thats gud as always u can come back 🙂

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Hey Shakti,
    Lets meet up one day with our kids – For me it’s possible only on Saturday’s or Sunday’s – Shakti !
    Mail me with your contact number :
    Lets make the meet happen !
    Cheers, SJ

  4. shaktii says:

    yeah sure..i ve sent u my number..

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