My baby is not a “baby” anymore :)

In the pretext of getting M to complete the remaining breakfast on his plate , I tried dramatizing and gave life to those little Chapatti pieces on his plate…

S: M those pieces of Chapatti’s are telling me that they want to get into your tummy after a bath in the chicken curry tub (cup) . Those cute little Chapati pieces are telling me that they love your tummy…yummm…

M: Comm’on Mummy Food Can’t Talk !!!

S : @#$%


On a flight – M wanted to sleep on me with his head on my lap and his feet on J. J wanted him to have his seat belt on for safety.

J : M keep the seat belt on, I shall loosen it for you.

M : Daddy – See ! See the seat belt sign is switched off – That means it’s ok if we don’t put our seat belts on .

J and I smiled at each other at M’s Gyan


On the same flight : M was being naughty and so J had to warn him.

 J (very hastily without thinking) :M if you don’t sit  on your seat then the police man will catch you.

M: Daddy, there are NO policemen on the airplane. It’s only a pilot in the cabin.                                                                                                                                                                           

Again J and I smile at each other at his innocent yet correct answers !


During our evening Lessons – Teaching Simple subtraction :

S: M – I give you 5 M&M’s and then Mummy eats up 2 M&M’s , then how many M&M’s   do you have ?

M: With a reaction worth a million dollars : Ohh hoo – I will be so SAD Mummy because you will eat 2 two of my M&M’s  and I will have only 3 left

S : ROFLOL (I got the answer to my subtraction query though :))


Cuddling on the bed – Dad , Mom and Baby : M felt my recently waxed arm and felt the tiny little hair poking him back.

M: Mummy, are you a Poke-u-pine (Porcupine), you hair is poking me…

S: Full of smiles – You say that on Mom’s hand is it, see your Dad’s hand it’s full of hair but still smooth.

M: Instantly : Daddy’s hand is not a Poke-u-pine but Daddy’s mouth is – whenever he kisses me …(referring to J’s unshaven face)

S &M : Burst out with Laughter while J Smiles at the joke on him                                                                                                         


While Dropping M off at the Child Care one morning :

S: Bye – Baby

M : Mummy, I’m not a Baby Anymore (with a stern look on his face )   

M’s classmates : Ohh M are you a Baby ??? giggles

S: (Feeling So embarrassed for embarrassing M) Bye M

Promised myself not to call him a baby in front of anyone again 🙂

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8 Responses to My baby is not a “baby” anymore :)

  1. chipmunk says:

    lol 😀 he is super smart 😀 😀 its really hard to tackle him, porcupine is really awesome

  2. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks Chipmunk 🙂 Outsmarts his Parents sometimes 🙂

  3. LOL.. 🙂
    So its true when people say that now a days kids are more intelligent than we think eh??

  4. D says:

    Just love my intelligent nephew!!!! He always proves that my sis is jughead 🙂 🙂 :-)… ok ok S dont fume, u know i am always ur critic, and ur best one !!!

    Love D 🙂

  5. LOL all the incidents gave me a ROTFL moment. He is thinking logically and what ever he said makes perfect sense..Hugs to little M.

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