A Post from Changi Airport – T2 on 17.02.2013

Yaa ! it’s 3.30pm and we’ve just checked in and are awaiting to board the TR2108 flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

M has fully recovered from the Viral fever he was down with last week. The trip was planned by J without my knowledge and I was in for a pleasant surprise when he’d mailed me the tickets. Travelling enhances our soul and I’m glad to be plunging in again !

We are scheduled to be back to Singapore on Thursday the 21 Feb ! I consider this trip as a post treat for completion of our 7th year of wedding on the 02.02.2013 and ofcourse a post Valentine celebration.

Looking forward to what Thailand has to offer (specially the food )


( With folded hands – in the namaste pose – Anjali Mudra) !

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6 Responses to A Post from Changi Airport – T2 on 17.02.2013

  1. Yay that must have been so much fun…Are you back from the trip?

  2. sjscribbles says:

    It was fun LF and we are back and as tired as can be !
    Truly enjoyed the vacation with J and M – away from home and cooking and work !
    Travel Review coming up 🙂

  3. How were the holidays S?? 🙂
    Now you have lots to write isn’t it?? Anniversary, then Valentine’s day & then this surprise trip..
    Write soon 🙂 Waiting 🙂

  4. chipmunk says:

    Thailand :O one will be excited first for the food next for the surroundings and beaches 😀 you went for paragliding and scuba diving!!!

  5. sjscribbles says:

    Chipmunk, Thailand was amazing as the tourism logo says ” Amazing Thailand” !
    I did more exciting stuff than Paragliding and Scuba Diving – I petted the real tigers and rode on the elephants back !

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