Quickest POST – ever written by me :(

My blog baby is being the neglected child – So sorry about that !

M is down with viral fever from Sunday night -exactly when Singapore was smitten by the holiday bug with Sat, Sun ,Mon and Tue being public holidays for Chinese New Year. The CNY results in a total standstill of the country. All clinics, shops inclusive of 24 hrs grocery and coffee shops were closed.

We’d rushed to the KK Womens and Childrens hospital just to see a 3 hr waiting queue after the initial diagnosis was done. The fever keeps fluctuating between 38-39.8 and  it really hurts me to see him with high fever shivering with cold one moment and blabbering in his sleep the next moment.

J is at his best co-operation levels, taking care of M, feeding him his soup, helping me take a nap when I’m tired of being awake monitoring M, giving cold sponges to reduce the fever. The best part is J’s company has a shut down this week and therefore J completely took over since yesterday allowing me to be at work. Happy Valentines J. Love you lots !

I’m crossing my fingers that M recovers fast. Docs mentioned that a viral infection lasts 5-7 days of lasting high fever and my hear aches seeing my little one sick. This is a worst phase and the most traumatizing and testing times as Parents. We get to a point where we ask as to why should the child face this sickness, me getting the same sickness instead of the child suffering would have been so much better.

Happy Valentines my blog friends !

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7 Responses to Quickest POST – ever written by me :(

  1. chipmunk says:

    relax dear!!! check his temperature and kept ice cubes in towel, he will be back with the bang, this is the time to build your confidence da, I know its hard to digest but it will be all fine, just think this will pass soon.

  2. Relax dear, I been in similar situations so many times with Chucky, I can’t tell you how bad I feel each time she falls sick. M will be alright, like Dr said it takes 5-7 days for them to recover and get their appetite back. I am sending you all that positive vibes to make you feel better..



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