With tears drops flowing down her cheeks, she gazed at the falling rain drops across her window pane…

Did the clouds weigh more heavier than her heart ? …she wondered,

Was marriage not meant for her ? 

or was she just not meant for him ?


But, it dawned on her that Every CHILD needs a family ….

She looked at the carefree innocently playing child,

Swallowing the lump in her throat and wiping off her tear…

She went about her usual chore.

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4 Responses to Marriage

  1. Well written SJ, just can’t agree more every child needs a family and beautiful childhood.

  2. sjscribbles says:

    LF – I was so touched when I saw this poster re…

    Can you just imagine those kids in the orphanages who yearn for a mom n dad – think of the child in the picture as one of those kids….Ohh my look at the eagerness in the child’s eyes..She is just looking for love.

    It hurts me when i hear of people separating due to their differences and leaving those innocent children with broken families LF. The children so not deserve to suffer from their parents divorces…

  3. DI says:

    😦 I understand this story, and I know that there are many many families like that. And the poster is touching indeed. But I don’t agree to it.

    Honestly, I think an unhappy family is no better than a broken one. Because at the end of the day, the negative vibes would show. And also, if there is happiness showcased for the child, it is fake. I agree it is unfair to the child to not let him/her have the love of a family, but how fair is it to make him live through a lie? How would he feel when he grows up to realise that all that he had seen, all the smiles, and laughter, were not true. I doubt it is the right way to go.

    Just my two cents 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Missed you comment in all these years DI, You are right too…rather than giving the child an unhappy home ! It is better to part !
      My reply has come in 2016 when you commented in 2013…3 years later !
      Better late than never – DI !

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