Where ? In shame, Do I hide my face ?

Well , the trip to India went by and I got back to work – only to be confronted with the most embarrassing questions that for the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an INDIAN ! Yes – You heard it rite ! I have always taken pride to be from a country rich in diversity, culture , traditions and values – Alas, here I am shattered.

With the ill fated and unfortunate Delhi rape victim Ms. Jyoti Singh Pandey being air flown to Mount Elizabeth Hospital here in Singapore where she gave up her life, after a 13 day struggle against all odd. People in Singapore are much aware of the case and it’s happenings as they were in close follow up on her health conditions.  Candle light vigils and prayers are being held here in her name after she moved on to a better world.

In the lifts, loos, at the security or which ever corner of the office I am – I am confronted with this topic.

  • How can such an incident ever happen to a girl?
  • Does it happen everywhere in your country ?
  • Are Girls so unsafe in your country ?
  • Why are the laws not stringent ?
  • Why are the culprits not hanged yet ?
  • Were there protests in Bangalore ? How is the situation now ?
  • Why are the culprits still shown with their faces covered – shouldn’t their faces be shown to the world for the shameful act that they have committed ?

I myself haven’t gotten over the ghastly incident that can happen in my land where women are worshiped.

I myself haven’t found the answers to the questions that I have ? How do I answer all of my colleagues questions ?

My Heart bleeds and I cannot find words to express how I feel…

Into that Heaven of Freedom my Father…Let My Country Awake !

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8 Responses to Where ? In shame, Do I hide my face ?

  1. Not just singapore , BBC UK has it on news everyday , and some of the pics shown are startling , some past history and what not.. It is really shameful.. Some people living in india dont know a lot of things that are being shown here.. the interviews with other rape victims , I am surprised that INDIAN MEDIA is so uselss it has not shown anything worthwhile …

    The answers to all the questions you been asked is sadly a big fat YES.. it happens some make news some dont..

    and Even i want to see the faces of these monsters , why are they protected Sad SAD …

  2. Oh the news is everywhere S.. Everyday in Sydney news also they showed what the updates were on Jyoti’s health..
    I was afraid what will answer if anyone will ask questions in our office on this issue but no one asked anything!!! I know how much inferior we feel when non-Indians ask us such question 😦
    Our heart bleeds.. literally!!!

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Just as I mentioned TPL – This incident has shocked the entire world.
    True – TPL , it makes me feel so bad to answer these type of questions about my country, when questioned by non-Indians.
    The non-indians who ask me these questions are furious that such an incident can happen ! I can feel their empathy !
    I’m sure this incident will bring about a change in Indian mindsets and I pray such horrendous crimes do not ever happen !

  4. I stopped thinking I am proud to be an Indian..long time ago…And the saddest thing is that…nothing is going to change…

    My first time here…

  5. sjscribbles says:

    I agree Dil ! “Proud to be an Indian” no longer holds in our hearts !
    I hope the protests after the incident at the least changes the attitudes of our people.

    Thanks for dropping by and Welcome here Dil !

  6. Sajeevs blog says:

    As Indians we can only hope that this incident results in atleast a small change in our misogynist attitudes. Let us pray that women can live with dignity and equality in the near future!

  7. sjscribbles says:

    True Sajeev ! Just hope it brings a change in mindsets !
    As we are here discussing this – Just heard in last night’s news that a similar incident has happened in Punjab.
    Seems like our women folk in India have enough dangers lurking at them 😦

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