Bannerghatta Biological National Park – Photos

We visited the Bannerghatta Biological National Park on the 28th of Dec 2012. It was really a memorable trip and the pics are a wonderful reminiscence of the good times we spent with my parents, my sister and our little ones. M and N (My Darling Niece) were really excited about the visit to the zoo – a trip that they have been looking forward too.

Most of whom we spoke to about the national park kindaa underestimated the trip or the animals there. With two little kids we thought it was worthwhile even if we got to see just a few animals, as far as the kids get excited and they just don’t have to see and learn the  animals in books and pics.

The Biological park may need some improvements wrt to maintenance and getting posh, but otherwise it was worth the trip. The Park has a Butterfly park nestled inside with extra charges which we did not venture. For a mere 150 Rs per head and Kids free entry – We got to go on a Safari – where we could see wild animals in the open forest !

We did not spend the entire day at the Zoo – the kids were tired easily after about 4 hours and we decided to get back. The number of creatures we saw in a short span was astounding and here go the pics :


Bears so close to the Safari Van


A Sleeping Lion and a Crouching Tiger..


Richard Parker 🙂 and Deer with an Antelope…


A Horn-bill and an Ostrich


Porcupines and Pythons


National Animal and National Bird (In white though :))


A Hidden Zebra and A Grizzly Bear !


M and my Neice N Admiring the elephants

M and N admiring the Elephants – After a wonderful day spent at the Zoo 🙂

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6 Responses to Bannerghatta Biological National Park – Photos

  1. D says:

    AWESUM!!!!!!!!! Just loved the time spent with you S…. Love you for ever….. D

  2. WOW look at the magnificent animals.. Lion the king of the jungle is having a siesta 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Magnificent is the right word , Bikram !

      All the lions we saw were having a siesta, it was gr8 to see the tigers majestically walking about , just about 20 m away from the safari van !

      Worth the visit ! Bikram 🙂

  3. Beautiful pics and nice to hear you had an awesome time.

  4. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks LF !

    We did have an awesome time 🙂

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