Back with a Bang !

Yes ! We are back !

Had an amazing trip ! Enjoyed X’mas and New Year to the fullest.

I must say that this trip was one of our best trips – being a short trip it was fun packed with activities and served a relationship “enhancer “.

Summarizing what we did –

  • We had a fabulous X’mas celebration – peaceful and serene.
  • I did some basic shopping at West side and Max
  • J , M and I along with my parents had a wonderful after X’mas dinner at my sister’s home with my BIL cooking lip-smacking delicacies.
  • We had two get-together’ s  at my parents home – One which involved my Mom’s family and the other that had about 40+ relatives from my Dad’s family. So that meant Great Food, Catching up and a Lot of fun.
  • Got my dental issues fixed that included 1 root canal and 3 fillings…ahh my dentist has become my personal doc 😦
  • Went on a trip to the Banerghatta Zoological Park with my parents, my sister , my darling niece and of-course M . The Safari was one of the kind and I’m ready to take on anyone who underestimates Banerghatta National park. Awaiting my sis to send me the pics..
  • We visited J’s friend B’s family for lunch – remember that guy who was solely responsible in getting J and me together by posting J’s profile on the matchmaker website for fun – Just Married Please Excuse  ! His wife had cooked the most awesome dishes and taught me how to prepare Ande ke Parantha (Egg Paratha). Their two adorable little boys along with M had a blast !
  • Visited St. Mary’s Basilica on a early Sunday morning with mom, dad and M and was touched by the tranquility that the church offers, every single time I visit.
  • Of course, A beauty parlour visit with my dear sis dropping me off and picking me on her superb sleek new bike !
  • Gave ICICI bank a piece of my mind as they’d bitten off more than they can chew from my account. My verbal bashing made them reverse all the charges levied after which I ensured I closed the account…who are they dealing with….mind you..errr rather them 🙂
  • Were woken by SIL and her 7 yr daughter ‘E’ as a pleasant shock after they landed earlier from Geneva on the 01.01.2013 instead of 03.01.2013 just to surprise us. M was so excited about seeing his cousin sis E , that they did enough masti as they had only 1 day left before we could leave to Singapore on the 1st nite…

Most importantly :

  • It was such a pleasure to spend 5 days at my parents place and just spend whatever available time with them..just talking …just re-winding and spending quality time with my mom and dad.
  • It was such a wonderful moment when I hug my sis every single time I meet her – that moment brings me back memories of all that we both get through in life when we are physically away from each other and are connected through chat and e-mail and phone calls.
  • It does hurt me a little when I have to coax up my little niece every time I meet her to come over to me so I carry and cuddle her – She remembers my name and my voice (over phone calls) more than she remembers me physically !
  • There were no shortcomings or odd moments or no hurt feelings with my MIL this time around. Time heals and changes perspectives. She has turned out to be more open , accommodating and understanding or may be I feel so because I have changed my perspectives and mindset. Appreciate the improvement in our relationship it proved that we do not only co-exist peacefully in J’s wallet (as pictures ) alone but can also do so under a roof 🙂

With all said. I’ve so many posts on my reader waiting to be read !

I see blog’athons  pouring from most of my blog friends – wouldn’t want to commit but will post more frequently on all the topics I’m wanting to write on.

Life is back to routine – M’s back in school just as J and I are back in office !

What a ride at life in a matter of 2 weeks ! Whoooo

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8 Responses to Back with a Bang !

  1. Welcome back S 🙂 Happy new year to you and J & M. 🙂
    Glad to know that you all had so much fun during the holidays 🙂
    We love surprises from our loved ones.. Don’t we 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Thanks TPL ! Wish you and PK a very very special New Year too.
      Surprises are always fun – naa…
      Yet to read through your posts TPL..Hope you had a great time at Gold Coast 🙂

  2. I know, Sad holidays have to come to and end .. eeeeshhhhhhhh I need a holiday to get over a holiday .. you have had a great time ..

    Happy new year to you and family

    • sjscribbles says:

      Yaa Bikram – All good things do come to a fast end , But if there were no normal routine and life was only a holiday, then that would become boring as well na ?
      Hey – Just take a break ! Go on a holiday !
      Happy Happy New Year to you too – Bikram !

  3. Welcome back, I missed reading you..Great to hear you had fun time with family.

    • sjscribbles says:

      Thanks LF !
      Glad to know that I was missed on the blogosphere 🙂
      Had a great time
      I’m yet to read all your posts…I realized that you have a Blog’a thon going …
      Great going so far !

  4. sjscribbles says:

    Dear Shaktii,

    Happy New Year to you and Thanks for tagging me , dear.

    For the record – this is the first time I have been tagged or mentioned on on any of the blogs 🙂

    Thanks Shaktii !

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