Updates and More…

1. Our India trip is planned for on the December 20th night flight to January 01 return flight. We visit Bangalore where my parents and in-laws reside twice a year and this is our second trip in 2012. This trip is for the sole purpose of x’mas celebration with family.

2. I have mixed feelings as I’m visiting Bangalore on this trip and that is due to the misunderstanding cropped up with the MIL this time around. It’s the usual saas-bahu tug  which has gotten serious as i’d decided to be assertive rather than being suppressive. A change in mindset after 7 years of marriage and I’m glad i’m being so.

3. In contrast, I just can’t wait to get to Bangalore for the sole reason of getting to my parents place and having fun with my darling sis and niece. My sis lives at close proximity to my parents place and we are expecting to have a blast.

4. Not being in Singapore for x’mas means that my home decoration inclusive of the small x’mas tree, setting up of the crib, hanging of the star and a small celebration happens this Sunday. I prepared perfectly round gulab-jamun’s last week and intend to order a cake for my colleagues and neighbors. For the first time I’m going to try my hand at preparing rose-cookies for x’mas this year. Will post pictures of the crib, star and tree once they are put up.

5. The Weekend will have to be clubbed with the Kiddy palace and ToysRus shopping trips for all M(4yrs old) cousin’s – J’s elder sis’s daughter E (7 yrs old) , younger sis’s daughter C(3 yrs  old) and son A (8 months old) and J’s youngest sis’s daughter A(7 months old) . My sis’s daughter N(2.5yrs old) . So that’s a major shopping trip specially to the toys store where we scratch our confused heads on what to buy while dealing with M’s tantrums of want for all the toys that he lays his hands on. A toy’s shop is truly a child’s paradise !

6. My Mom retired after 22 years of working in the same school as a teacher of social sciences (history, geography, civics) and English. The day she retired on the 30.11.2012 was very emotional. My family wouldn’t be in the position we are today if not for my mom’s career and hard work at home. Totally my mom has about 32 years of high-school teaching experience and the school just didn’t want to let go off her.  Mom joined back and she is happy to see her over excited students glad to have her teaching them again.

7. We met with a minor accident last Sunday while driving to J’s relatives home in Jurong. 3 Indian workers on a truck were at fault as they screeched the truck on our car’s side doors that left behind an elongated dent. J’s careful driving saved us from any major disaster. M and I were seated behind without seat belts. We thank GOD and our guardian angels for our rescue. J got off and was in conversation with those Indian workers who migrate for a mere sum. They accepted they were at fault and gave it writing for J to claim insurance. They were literally begging J to let them go without police intervention. J tried his best in saving their jobs and jail terms. Yes – U read it rite ! Jail terms because of the fact that they were drunk. It was a case of drunk driving for which they will be straight in Jail for endangering other lives on the road. I couldn’t take the fact that one minute could have changed our lives forever. We haven’t informed our family back in India with regards to this incident and my dear sis – this sentence is here because you will read the blog !

8. M’s singing “Joy to the World ” and “Tis the Season to be Jolly” and is waiting for Santa Claus to gift him his much awaited ” Shoes with light”. We black mail him when he’s being naughty stating Santa’s watching and that he doesn’t bring gifts for dis-obedient kids.

9. We are having a team dinner at work on Monday the 17.12.2012. Our manager’s way of thanking us for the team’s contribution. I just cannot believe how 2012 flew away so soon !

10. Life is on a fast forward mode for now, with so many tasks looming over. Guess we’ll get a breather once we are back in Singapore after the India trip…

Take Care my blog friends , until then here’s wishing you a…


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10 Responses to Updates and More…

  1. 1. Yay for the India trip 🙂
    2. I think being assertive makes sense, it works for me.
    3. My sisters live in Blore too, hopefully we can meet sometime there 🙂
    4. Yes do put the pictures.
    5. It sound very much like my India trip, I start my shopping 2months before 🙂
    6. Hats off to mom and wishing her all the very best 🙂
    7. OMG, sounds very scary. I told you right I hear about accidents so often these days and I myself scared of driving. Take care dear.
    8. We are doing the same with T, she has a blig list though 🙂
    9. 2012 went very fast for me too, a very good year for me 🙂
    Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New year dear!!

    • sjscribbles says:

      Hey LF,
      Your sisters live in Bangalore – So , we can meet @ BLR if our India trips coincide – That will be fun. I will be so excited to meet with your family – specially Chucks !
      Thanks for your wishes for Mom – LF !
      2012 was really fast !
      Wishing your family a Merry X’mas and a Joyous year ahead ..
      Have a wonderful trip to Disneyland !

  2. 1. Going to India.. wow.. have fun girl 🙂
    2. All the best with your time with MIL.. I have decided to change myself when in-laws are here but will see what actually happens..
    3. Eat lots of panipuri there with your sis & neice 🙂
    4. Waiting to see the pics 🙂
    5. happy toy shopping 🙂
    6. Salute to your Mom.. my respect to her
    7. Arey baap re.. take care dear, be safe..
    8. Aww.. he wants light shoes!!! Just read Chucky’s wish list and here M’s wish. How different girl’s & boy’s wish list is no 🙂 too cute 🙂
    9. 2012 din’t went fast for me 😦 I was waiting to see my family whole year long 😦
    Wishing you Merry Christmas & a very Happy new year 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Hey TPL,
      Sure will have fun !
      Yaa TPL – when your in-laws are there in OZ just behave like what the situation demands of course keeping PK’s emotions intact. I have just learned to be assertive rather than suppressing myself.
      Eating Chat – Ohh that’s a routine with my dear sis every time we meet…My mouth is watering already !
      Thanks for your salutes for mom LF ! I’m truly proud of her as well !
      Haan re – boys and girls are so different ! when M was barely a year old when he just started to walk..he used to run around the house making car sounds..It’s just in their blood…While a girl child of the same age would be playing with dolls without anyone even introducing her to dolls 🙂
      2012 went slow for you..but am sure with your sis’s wedding coming up…2013 will be a blast !
      A Merry X’mas and Joyous, fun and peaceful New Year to you Dear !
      Enjoy your Gold Coast Vacation !
      Take Care ! Hoping your in-laws visit just goes smooth 🙂

  3. THe very first point i read , and have come to comment let me say

    ok now let me go and read the next 🙂

    • Thank god you all are safe from the accident..

      soryr to hear about the little problem with MIL, but being assertive is good even if it has taken 7 years 🙂

      and toys R us oooh I want something tooo..

      Merry Xmas to you and family and every one around you.. have a great timeeeeee enjoy in india oooh i am so jealous

    • sjscribbles says:

      YAAYYYYYAAAAAA….A comment after reading the first point !

      Hi fi to you for that !

      My MIL is a nice person , She is a great mother, but when it comes to being a MIL she has her own insecurities ! Being Assertive helps Bikram ! Thanks for empathizing !

      MERRY X’MAS TO YOU TOO and HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR (With 0 controversies on the blogosphere 😉 )

      Sure – Will have fun while in India !

      • sjscribbles says:

        Hey Bikram – Oooops forgot to mention ….. Wondering what to get you on my ToysRus shopping trip…We generally buy the gifts in age accordance – so , should a Rattle Toy be most appropriate 😉

      • yess.. I was about to say , you ignored the line on toys r us 🙂
        but you havenot .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

        and oooh la la la la Rattle toy would be brilliant and how about that little monkey with the drum , you screw that lever and it bangs on that drum Taaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂


      • sjscribbles says:

        Hey Bikram – ROFLOL ! Your sense of humour is commendable 🙂

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