A Mish Mash Post !

Warning : Long post ahead ….A total mishmash posting….read at your own risk 🙂

After long busy weekdays, I look so much forward to the Saturdays to sleep a little longer and skip the morning rush. Unfortunately, last Saturday I had a product training at my client’s place and had to leave home by 8.00am, just as during normal weekdays…I dragged myself up from bed and dressed in formals, pulled along M and trotted off from home without breakfast. M’s child care teachers –  caring and nice ,  assured me that he will have breakfast in school followed by Pre-lunch and a Lunch and some games and M will have to be picked up by 2.00PM. I dropped M at his child care and hurried off to the MRT. All this while J was sound asleep at home and undisturbed. I had already informed him earlier to pick M before 2.00 Pm for I knew I would get back late. J’s Saturday’s begins only at 12 mid day. He generally spends his Friday night browsing or stock trading and oversleeps his Saturdays and Sundays…

It was a delight to see the MRT unusually less crowded and more so a seat available to rest my black formal clad bum…I sat there in the train looking blurr…and yawning away. It was a good 29 min ride. In front of me – I saw an aged grandma wearing a jeans and t-shirt sitting with a big bag and I noticed that there was something milky dripping from the bottom of her bag that she was unaware off. I was waiting for a chance for her to see me , so I could alert her on the dripping contents of her bag. The moment she saw me I signaled to her of the dripping , by this time the drip had turned into a small muddle between her feet. She realized what I was trying to tell her and she opened her bag and found her soya drink slanted, so – she set that right. After which she opened her purse to pull out an entire packet of pocket tissue and just as I had expected, she bent down with great difficulty and cleaned up her unintentional mess in the train – Very dutifully ! She opened another cover and placed the soiled tissue that she used for cleaning for later disposal. This act of her’s did not surprise me – but it surely made me smile…There were several thoughts in my mind as I was admiring her  act of responsibility.

  • How many of us in India – would have done the same clean up, if caused by us and if it had occurred on our public transport ?
  • How many of us would have saved the soiled tissue after clean up in another cover for later – proper dustbin disposal ?
  • Why is that this attitude of being responsible for public property and keeping it clean that runs in the blood of those living abroad and mostly in developed countries , So much lacking in we Indians ?
  • Why are such qualities not inculcated when we are brought up in India ? Why don’t Indian’s take the public rules imparted seriously, than on just paper ? Damn ! the rules where is the quality of being considerate towards a fellow passenger …forget a fellow passenger..what about a fellow human being ?

Anyways ! After the MRT ride – I changed to the Circle Line and took another 10 min ride to reach my destination, I had to climb an over bridge to get across the road and I was amazed to see an escalator on an over bridge, on the road – Wow , this country I tell yaa ! It’s getting better and better and has almost reached it’s “best standards ” . I think the ministers sit down at their desks and think and rethink about how to better upgrade their infrastructure, while ours back home in India count of the number of zero’s behind the scams involved 🙂

I reached my client’s place well before time – this is rather unusual for a person like me who always rushes in at the dot last minute. The building interiors were awesome – they had an artificial waterfall in the lobby with carpeted grass and the building resembled a star hotel.

When all of the engineers were seated in the conference room, I noticed one of them with a disposable face mask covering his mouth and nose, when asked why  – he mentioned he had a flu and did not want to pass on the infection to any of us,  he was also very cautious about not shaking hands with anyone and I noticed that. Really Appreciable ! I was just talking of being considerate to fellow human beings – wasn’t I ? Areeeey Yaaar…Why can’t we just be like them – I thought again, while I concentrated on my training !

Was back home by evening and didn’t find J and M, I called J and got to know that they were at Ikea hunting for a shoe rack as our shoe rack badly needs a replacement. M was busy playing at the IKEA’s Small World – Child Care, while J was shopping. Did you notice – something ! Arey..I meant the convenience that we have here though we live without family support (back up of grandparents to take care of M) –  I had a training during a weekend and M was conveniently dropped off at his child care in the ever so caring hands of his teachers. After which, J wanted to take him shopping and the convenience of just dropping him off at the shopping centers play area where the kids get to play bouncy balls and slides and are taken care of by professionals. M just would not want to get back home , he enjoys so much at these play pens with other kids. This is what I meant when I mentioned of convenience in my earlier post

Well, that’s how the Saturday went by and the Sunday was a different story all together. We visited our good old friends S and K’s (7 years since we know them) place. I prepared some yummy chicken curry and carried it over while K prepared Veg palav with Panner masala – we spent the entire day there and got back home by 9.30 pm and dozed off. M had a good time playing and fighting with K , their 6 yr old daughter.

With my busy schedule on the Saturday and Sunday, my weekend errands went for a flop !  The laundry wasn’t done nor was the bathroom scrubbing or the floor mopping. I decided to apply for a leave on Tuesday – just to clean the house !

Tuesday came by and my house setting up/cleaning plans went for an even more greater flop, This time J and I decided to go for a movie leaving M in his child care…Talk about Procrastination !

We watched – Jab Tak Hain Jaan ! The music was awesome…by the end of the movie A R Rehman gets us humming to his tunes ! Gulzar’s lyrics were beautiful. I fell in love with the locations in the movie ! The story was just ok – total filmy – the hero diffuses bombs without wearing bomb suits and at the beginning of the movie had diffused 98 bombs already and was still alive…ofcourse, he is alive even at the end of the movie but stops at diffusing the 108th bomb !  Why 108 th I wondered..sounds like a 108 coconuts broken for a deity !

I was watching a hindi movie on the big screen after a good 7 years ..I broke the reverse sabbatical after Veer Zaara in 2005. I found similarities in Veer Zaara and Jab Tak hain Jaan other than just Shah Rukh Khan…

  • Shah Rukh is a part of the Indian defence forces – A helicopter rescue pilot in Veer Zaara and an Indian Army Bomb-diffuser in Jab Tak Hain Jaan !
  • Shah Rukh has this magical charm that woo’s the “already engaged to some-one else” lady to strongly fall in love with him – in both movies !
  • Shah Rukh is separated from his lady love for a stipulated number of years , for what so ever reasons in both movies – also, assuming all the while that the heroine would  be happily married
  • There comes in a second heroine like ( Rani Mukherji in Veer Zaara and Anushka in Jab tak Hain Jaan) to assist them in getting together…
  • She (2nd heroine) discovers that lady love is not yet married and is still living her life with the hero’s thoughts !
  • The intensity of love between the hero and the heroine in both movies is so strong, that they make great life sacrifices for each other…
  • Well – getting down to reality – The Music and Locations in both movies were awesome

Well..Well…My house cleaning and scrubbing are still waiting to get done by this Saturday…Ohh what a lazy person I am !

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7 Responses to A Mish Mash Post !

  1. Jas says:

    My 2 cents are yours 😀

    I am really impressed by the way that old lady cleaned the floor and kept the soiled tissue in her bag as well. In india no one will do that…. no one.. we are never taught at any level that the public property is our own money and we need to maintain that. There is a need a bigger awareness drives for sensitizing the people here..

    • sjscribbles says:

      So True…Jas ! The feeling of being responsible is so much into them, here . I think it’s because of – 1. For they way they are brought up with these values so much inculcated into their little minds when young. 2. For the strict fines that the governance imposes on them such that they need to pay hefty for “as small a mistake ” as throwing a chocolate wrapper on the road ! Bingo ! There you go a clean country with considerate people…
      I ain’t even able to approximate the number of years India will take to reach this phase of awareness 😦
      Thanks for commenting Jas !

  2. SJ, I was unable to sleep(I had coffee in the evening) during my trip, then I logged and there I saw this post, I was reading and smiling. R woke up to ask if I am alright. I couldn’t comment that time. But I had so much fun reading this post that I slept soon after that 🙂

    Yeah keeping the country clean should come from each one of us, we are responsible for the mess we create. Grandma’s action were noteworthy.

    I like that convenience and freedom you are getting because of the way things work there. I agree completely for last 2 years R and I am managing Chucky all by our self, well its tough but at same time I have the flexibility and raisin the child the way we want is easy.

    Yay for yours and J’s movie date 🙂 Yeah with trip and all that even my home is a chaos. More later.

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Hey LF ! So Sorry missed seeing your comment for a few days now !

    Glad you like the post and smiled yourself to Sleep 🙂

    Yes ! yay for our movie date – we enjoyed the movie !

    Home being a chaos is always a constant – it’s such a cycle – Clean – it get’s dirty and then you clean again and the cycle continues !

  4. I hope we indians learn to do it in our own nation ..

    and I liked veer zara myself but after that i have stopped watching SRK its the same movies he does and its the same actiing all the time now

    • sjscribbles says:

      It’s a change in mindset and attitude required – Bikram ; If we start inculcating it in our schools now then it should take another generation to get executed in minds

      So true – SRK’s movies are mostly in the same genre and of course his acting is monotonous !

      Thanks for hopping by – Bikram

  5. sjscribbles says:

    It’s a change in mindset and attitude required – Bikram ; If we start inculcating it in our schools now then it should take another generation to get executed in minds 🙂

    So true – SRK’s movies are mostly in the same genre and of course his acting is monotonous !

    Thanks for hopping by – Bikram 🙂

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